Let’s talk… Tell me a little bit about your child(ren)… Well, my little guy is an active and intuitive little guy.  He and I are big fans of interactive places where we can explore, touch and have lots of fun while learning new things.

Due to this shared love, we eagerly planned an afternoon visit to the Westchester Children’s Museum in Rye, NY. We happily drove from Ulster County to Westchester County in order to spend a fun afternoon together. And, boy, we were not disappointed.

Where is The Westchester Children’s Museum Located?

The museum is located on the grounds of Playland Park in Rye, NY. Driving along Playland Parkway, I can feel the same feeling I felt as a child on my way to the historic amusement park. Did you know that Playland Park opened in 1928???? But, that’s info better used for another blog post 😉

This seems fitting for the location of the First Children’s Museum in Westchester County, NY.

Upon arriving, the views of Rye Beach, the Ice Casino and Playland Park are amazingly nostalgic. On this particular day, the sky was clear and the contrast of colors was amazing.

I remember visiting Playland Park every summer as a child. My parents took us several times a year and my most favorite childhood memories were made there. We loved to get on the rides and eat the most delicious candied apples we ever found. 

Now, I want my children to create their own wonderful childhood memories at the same place I did, kind of…

Our Day Visiting The Westchester Children’s Museum 

On a cold winter’s day, we stopped in Rye, NY to visit the Westchester Children’s Museum. Although it was brisk outside, we enjoyed walking on the Boardwalk I can see how this would be a great outing in any time of the year. 

While walking to the Westchester Children's Museum, you are greeted by the historic Playland Ice Casino.
The Historic Playland Ice Casino
Walking along the Playland Boardwalk to the Westchester Children's Museum
Winter on the Playland Park Boardwalk
Westchester Children's Museum on the Boardwalk. Playland Park in the Winter
Westchester Children's Museum and fun on the Boardwalk
Rye Beach and the Westchester Childrens Museum

Even on this Cold Winter’s Day, there were plenty of people enjoying the beach with their dogs. I was surprised to see so many people braving the cold and enjoying the beach with their friends and their pets.

The dogs appeared to be enjoying running around on the sand while playing with each other, as well as, their owners.

Plans for the Westchester Children’s Museum

The Westchester Children’s Museum is geared towards younger children. The good news is that there are plans for expansion.  The plans to create more space within the facility in order to offer families a comprehensive experience; especially for children of all ages. My 11-year-old enjoyed his time there. 

The sign at the Westchester Children's Museum

According to their website:

“The Westchester Children’s Museum recently completed construction on the first phase of its building program opening 6,500 square feet of exhibit space.
The Museum is a not-for-profit organization that depends on support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Museum is currently fundraising to build out the entirety of its 22,000 square foot historic landmark site.”

Exciting things are coming to Westchester County!

The Present Space of the Children’s Museum

Presently, the Children’s Museum is a quaint space that offers activities for children of all ages. It is a spacious learning center with several exhibits, featuring a variety of activities. Each room flows into the other, as a result, allowing the children to roam without being out of their parent’s sight.

Kids have fun exploring at the Westchester Children's Museum in Rye, NY.
Exploring at the Westchester Children's Museum
The Westchester Childrens Museum offers children the opportunity to experiment and explore.
Roller coaster activity at the Westchester Childrens Museum  
This area of the Westchester Childrens Museum releases children's creativity and allows them to construct with wooden sticks.
Magnets and Science at the Wesctchester Childrens Museum

Our thoughts about our visit

In addition to the wonderful exhibits currently open, we are very excited to see what the Westchester Children’s Museum will offer in the future. It is already a great place to visit and, it seems like, there are more amazing things to come.

I’m happy to say, my family and I will make new and wonderful memories at the newest addition to the Playland Park Family.

We are excited to see what’s to come for this great space.

A Few Things to Know before Visiting the Westchester Children’s Museum:

  • The Westchester Children’s Museum is a great place for families with young children
  • Cost: The current admission fee is $7.00 per adult/child (check website for updated information)
  • The Museum is open to the public from Wednesday – Sunday; 10am-4pm
  • Mondays and Tuesdays are typically set aside for Group visits (schools, camps, etc) and closed to the general public
  • Babies 12 months of age and under are FREE
  • During my visit, parking was free, but fees often apply during the Summer months
  • Discounts are available through the “Museum for All” Program
  • The Exhibit area does not permit food or beverages
  • Re-entry is allowed, with a stamp given at the Museum, as you exit the building
  • They offer Special Events and Birthday Party options (check the website/Facebook for updates)

For Additional & Updated Information,
Visit their:

Website: discoverwcm.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/discoverWCM

Westchester Children’s Museum
100 Playland Parkway
Rye, NY

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