How to BEST Explore the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum in one Amazing Afternoon

*Due to the continued concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is currently CLOSED to the public. Check their website for updated information.

So, I wouldn’t say that my kids often visited Children’s Museums and the such when they were younger. I’m not a fan of crowds and the one time we visited a similar place in the city stressed me out to the max. But, visiting the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, though, changed my mind about these places and I wished we would have visited more often.

The entrance to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum

It is open, airy, colorful and, best of all, clean…

I was lucky enough to get a one-to-one tour of the facility with Lynn Bartolotta, Director of Campaign Communications and Marketing.

Although I had previously visited with my children and niece and nephew, it was great to get a first-hand look at the facility and continuous changes and upgrades they make to this wonderful place.

You can see that the staff of the Children’s Museum are passionate about creating a safe, stimulating and exciting space for children to learn and explore.

Visiting the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

>The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is an ideal space for children up to the age of 6 yrs old.
> There is a snack area available on the first floor for your convenience, as well as, a vending machine that sells healthy snacks.
> The Museum hosts special events, so make sure to check their website often.
> Family Free Nights (5-8 pm) take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
> They are open from Tuesday – Sunday, year-round.
> There is ample free parking on the premises for museum patrons. Others can park in the lot for a $5 fee.

What is the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is one of two hands-on, interactive museums in the Hudson Valley. The other being Westchester Children’s Museum in Rye, NY.

It was named the “2017 Best Museum in the Hudson Valley” by Hudson Valley Magazine. And now I can see why. This wonderful place is filled to the brim with chances for exploration and creativity.

It is fun, exciting, magical and wakes up the senses.

Entrance Sign to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum

Where is Museum located in the Hudson Valley?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is located on the Poughkeepsie Waterfront in Dutchess County, NY.

Located in such a diverse and populated area of the Hudson Valley, such as Poughkeepsie, NY makes the Children’s Museum easily accessible to many.

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Poughkeepsie is located along the Hudson River and is a city that is easy to find. A short drive North from Westchester County sits the city of Poughkeepsie, NY. Even if you don’t have a car, Poughkeepsie is easy to get to by train (see below).

Entrance and flag of the Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, NY.

With such stunning views of the Mid-Hudson Bridge and the Walkway over the Hudson, the Museum’s location is perfect for a day out with the family.

How to Get to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

Whether you choose to drive or take the train, the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is easy to find and to get to.

By car, it’s right off the Mid-Hudson Bridge and can be easily be located if driving from Northern and Southern Points of the Hudson Valley.

The view of the Mid-Hudson Bridge form the Dutchess County Side of the Hudson River.
View of the Mid-Hudson Bridge from the Poughkeepsie Waterfront

By train, it’s at the last stop of the Hudson Line Metro-North Train. The Children’s Museum is easily found across the street from the Poughkeepsie Train station. (That’s super convenient for many who don’t drive)

From Albany and Northern Points: you can take the Amtrak train to the Poughkeepsie Station.

Metro-North offers a “One Day Getaway Package” that offers a Reduced Train Fare and Discounted Admission to the Museum. You must purchase the ticket from your boarding station.

Best Time to Visit

During the majority of the year the Children’s Museum is open from Tuesday through Saturday (9:30 am – 5 pm) and Sunday (11 am – 5 pm). They are not open on Monday’s during the non-Summer months.

Parking lot of the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum in Dutchess County, NY.

During most of the Summer (July & August) the Museum is open 7 days a week: Monday through Saturday (9:30 am – 5 pm) and Sunday (11 am – 5 pm).

Weekdays are the Best Time to visit the Children’s Museum if you don’t enjoy crowds. Weekends and Rainy days tend to be a bit more crowded.

Is the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum Free?

No, The Children’s Museum is not Free, but there are special events and programs which offer Free times or reduced admission. (see below)

A helpful guide books assists families in learning about the exhibit

Also, the Museum offers MANY Frequent Events and Activities that are included with your admission.

Such As:

  • Story Times
  • Gardening Times
  • Baby Moves (for younger visitors up to 12 months)
  • Kids’ Kitchen (Part of the Poughkeepsie Waterfront Market)
  • And More…

Are There Special Events at the Museum?

In addition to the Wonderful Events mentioned above the Museum offers Special Programs and Events for those interested in visiting and experiencing all the Fun!

Interactive touch wall at the Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, NY.

These Include:

  • Family Free Nights: On the Third Saturday of Each Month, the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is open for extended hours, from 5 pm – 8 pm and it is Free Admission.
  • My Grandparents & Me Day: On the Second Friday of each month, Grandparents are offered free admission when they bring their grandchildren (and with a grandchild paid admission).
  • Museums for All: This program offers reduced admission for low-income families. Certain guidelines and restrictions apply. Visit the Museum website for more details.
  • Blue Star Museum Program: From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Active Duty military personnel and their families are offered free admission to the museum.
  • Metro-North Hudson Line “One Day Getaway”: Purchase discount rail and admission tickets from your boarding station. (see link above)

If a family purchases an annual membership, there are no admission fees for everyone in that family for a full year.

Things to do in the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

There is an abundance of exhibits that encourage children up to the ages of 6 yrs to explore and create.

Here’s What’s on the First Floor:

This area is targeted for younger children up to the ages of 4 years old. Here there is a train table, ramps for cars and trucks, and a multi-level hands-on learning experience.

The Early Learning Junction at the Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie has a train table and various other activities.

This section of the Museum is the area where the children’s imagination takes over and they get to role play. The children pretend in the MHCM Fire Truck, Construction Zone, Art Studio, and the Market/Kitchen Area.

The Art Studio has a fading doodling wall where children and parents paint with water.

This area is designed for infants and other children who are not yet walking. This is a safe place for them to explore without the worry of getting in the way of the older children.

Here’s What’s on the Second Floor:

This terrific space is full of hands-on learning activities all centered around STEM education. There are areas for building, sending objects in flight, and learning about light and color. The learning does not end there, as there is also an area for constructing large scale structures. And much more…

This area of the Children's Museum focuses on STEM education. It is colorful and inviting!
Additional exhibits on the second floor of the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, NY

This newest addition to the museum offers learning through literacy. Climb and slide next to a giant Mastodon, become a pirate on a huge ship, make a story out of sand in the StoryBox, create your own show at Center Stage, and so much more!

Felt boards help children make different facial expressions to tell a story.

Is the Children’s Museum in Poughkeepsie Worth the Visit?

First, Let me tell you a little about their website. It is not only super comprehensive, but it also houses an abundance of information about the exhibits and tells you about what your children are learning and how each exhibit and space has a purpose.

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is not a glorified play space. It is an Authentic Learning Space.

Boys playing in the StoryBox at the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum
The StoryBox at the Children’s Museum

As someone with a Degree in Early Childhood Education, I appreciate the time they have taken to educate families and caregivers about WHY the materials are there and HOW their children are learning.

On their website and in the museum, the families are not only guided on the exhibits, but also on the programs taking place. There is even a section on their website called: “Things to do at home with your children” and is Outstanding!

Second, there is a sense of organized disorganization to the space. It allows visitors to explore without feeling bad about leaving a mess behind.

Children learn as they play quote

I hope this little trip to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum has convinced you that this is the place to be!

Bring your young children and experience the magic in their eyes when they can build and figure out how things work.

Contact Info &
Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum Address

Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum
75 N Water Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Find out more Information about the Children’s Museum on their website:
Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

> I suggest wearing comfortable clothes and also, possibly, bringing your child a change of clothing.
> As I mentioned above, an extra change of clothing will alleviate some stress if your child gets soiled during the visit.
> Also, because of the convenient snack area, you should bring your child’s favorite snacks or a light lunch.


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How to BEST Explore the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum in one Amazing Afternoon


A Visit to the Mid_Hudson Children's Museum is a great outing for a family looking for a fun & educational experience.