Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley

Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley:
4 Reasons to Visit The Edge VR

We love trying new things and when we got invited to The Edge VR in Croton-on-Hudson we knew we had to check out this new twist on Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley. Now, I know what you must think: virtual reality in the Hudson Valley is not a new concept, but The Edge VR has taken virtual reality in the Hudson Valley to a Whole New Level!

And we are lucky to have them here in the Hudson Valley.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of three-dimensional images and environment. You can interact with a seemingly real or physical person and/or equipment during the simulation by wearing special equipment.

The equipment usually includes:

  • A headset/eye wear
  • hand controllers

Because the screen is so close to your eyes, during your virtual reality experience, the 3-Dimensional images give the users an immersive feel of a virtual world.

The best Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley
Hubby & I Pre-Battle

Before Our Visit to ‘The Edge VR’

Before visiting The Edge VR, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I had done VR at home with a Quest Occulus headset and controllers, but I was not prepared at all for what was going to happen during this visit.

Debbie Johnsen, CMO of the company reached out to me and offered to host my hubby and I for a visit. When she reached out to me to say that they are a virtual reality experience, I really had no idea that this experience would be Next Level! But, I’m always willing to try anything once and accepted her invitation and we set up a date for the visit.

The Edge VR
33 N Riverside Ave
Croton-on-Hudson, NY

About The Edge VR

Created and founded by Adam, this technology was developed over 5 years time.

What makes this experience of virtual reality in the Hudson Valley different from others is that Adam and his team have developed a virtual world and game that lets you move around freely in the space without the use of heavy equipment or controllers. This experience is completely different than other virtual reality in the Hudson Valley and has elevated the virtual reality experience.

Through their years of dedication and hard work, they never gave up on their vision and their passion shows through and through during the visit.

Not only are they masters of their craft, but they are also the nicest people around. Debbie, who joined in 2021, Adam and the entire staff were professional and friendly. They explained the entire process in words that even I understood and made the entire experience more enjoyable and relaxing for us.

The Edge VR is one of the best places for Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley

Why is this experience of Virtual Reality in the Hudson Valley different?

The Edge VR, in Westchester County, is not your ordinary virtual reality experience. In addition to using a headset/eye wear, The Edge VR uses advanced technology to offer its guests a different and more immersive experience.

“The Edge VR’s proprietary magnetic tracking technology allows you to be immersed in VR in a way that compares to no other VR experience. We employ a groundbreaking full body tracking system that does not require line of sight. Therefore, there is never any loss of tracking due to obstruction. This allows you to interact with fellow players and objects in the physical space directly.”

The Edge VR Website

Before visiting, I thought the experience would be more like what you see at malls where you sit in a moving machine that syncs with a video in your headset, but boy was I wrong!

Upon arriving at their wonderful establishment, we were greeted by the entire staff and given the tour of the facility. Although not an enormous location, it is made to feel like you’re entering mission control. The decor is fantastic with the walls covered with score boards and fax windows showcasing planets and stars. On one side there were several computers and staff manning them as part of your team for the mission you are about to embark on.

Need more visuals? Then take a look at this video that is also found on their website.

Below are the Top 4 Reasons to Visit this unique experience of virtual reality in the Hudson Valley:

Reason #1:

You will never experience another virtual reality in the Hudson Valley like this one!

Our experience at The Edge VR was like no other. From the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the outstanding game, there is nothing else like this around.

Your gear includes:

  • A Wireless Headset
  • Light Belt
  • Leg Sensors
  • Gloves

Without giving too much information, the 25-minute game has many layers, where agility and stamina are needed. From picking your own avatar to constructing a robot and fighting off robots and drones trying to defeat you, there’s a lot to this.

The story line is interesting and the props are amazing and are a great addition. Because there are no controllers, the actual physical props make the experience feel more real – if that makes any sense.

The space at The Edge VR

Reason #2:

It’s a great time for everyone involved!

During our visit to this premier virtual reality in the Hudson Valley experience it was just hubby and I. But the game itself can be played with three people and there are two separate game areas or platforms, meaning that a group of up to 20 people can play during the same 2-3 hour visit. Each person on the team gets a final score and you can compare the scores at the end.

Inside The Edge VR

The Edge VR is perfect for:

  • Date Day/Night
  • Birthdays (players must be at least 10 years old)
  • Girls’ Outing
  • Boys’ Outing
  • Team Building

Reason #3:

You can get quite the workout – in a fun way!

This is a great way to relieve stress. Who needs ‘Smash it’ Rooms or ‘Escape’ Rooms when you can create your own avatar to fight off evil robots and drones that are preventing you from getting back to earth?

Since controllers are not used in the game, you are able to use your whole body in this immersive experience. From shooting a ‘prop gun’ (not a virtual one) and pulling levers/tapping buttons, this experience really uses all of your senses and makes you move.

The props and equipment at The Edge VR

Reason #4:

You are not left to fend for yourself!

One of my fears was that I would not know what to do during the game, but those fears were put to rest when Adam explained that he would be watching the game and helping us along the way. What a relief because the experience can get overwhelming. There’s lots of action and a ton of tasks to do before completing the mission successfully and having the ‘voice in your ear’ helping along made the mission much more doable and less overwhelming.

The team was excellent and not only make you feel welcome but guide you along this unique experience.

Reason #5:

You get awesome Bonuses!

Not only is the experience amazing and one of a kind, but you get awesome bonuses at the end:

  • Every participant gets a “Voyager Coin” with a QR code that houses your avatar. Once you click the QR code and are taken to your avatar, you can pose with him/her for photos, make a dance video with him/her or record him/her where ever you are!
  • Each participant gets a video sent to their email with highlights of your adventure.

Final Thoughts:

In my opinion, this is the best way to experience virtual reality in the Hudson valley. Trust the process. I don’t want to say I was afraid at times… but I will say that it can get intense and you may require a few deep breaths to complete some of the tasks, but at the end of it all, it is so worth it.

You can also share the experience with others. They offer gift certificates and make a great gift for anyone who loves adventure.

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Until the Next Adventure…

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