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Things to Do in Nyack NY, Restaurants, Shops & More

Nyack, NY is one of those places that can be passed by a million times and you would not know to stop. There are so many things to do in Nyack NY, that a stop to this unique and captivating town is a must!

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Where is Nyack NY?

Less than an hour from New York City is Nyack NY. Full of opportunities to immerse yourself in shopping, delicious cuisine, local history and views of the majestic Hudson River, it is no wonder that there are so many things to do in Nyack NY.

Nyack NY is located in the southern part of Rockland County.

Is Nyack considered Upstate NY?

Nyack NY is not considered ‘Upstate New York’. My article about ‘Where the Hudson Valley’ is located highlights the reasons why.

Nyack NY is part of the Lower Hudson Valley Region.

Reference this Hudson Valley Guide before heading out on your next Hudson Valley adventure. With every county listed and tips on how best to explore the region, this guide is an essential part of your planning strategy.

How far is Nyack from NYC?

Located approximately 18 – 25 miles north of New York City, this town is close enough to New York City and serves as a perfect day trip from the city any day.

How to get to Nyack NY

Easily accessible by car by using the New York State Thruway, it is easy to find things to do in Nyack NY. You can also reach Nyack NY by using Route 9W and Route 59.

The Lower Hudson Transit Link connects Nyack NY to Tarrytown NY (the nearest rail station) and to White Plains.

Things to do in Nyack NY
Dog at the doorway at a Hudson Valley shop

About Nyack, NY and Things to do in Nyack, NY?

Nyack NY is one of five villages that make up “The Nyacks”.

These are:

  • Nyack
  • Central Nyack
  • South Nyack
  • Upper Nyack
  • West Nyack

Being so close to the Hudson River has many perks and attributes to the uniqueness of this town.

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South Nyack is the area where you can find the “New” Tappan Zee Bridge / Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge. The bridge connects Rockland County to Westchester County and includes a pedestrian/bicycle pathway.

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History of Nyack, NY

The natives that once inhabited these lands were called the Nyacks. This group had moved up from Coney Island and spoke a unique dialect that included so Taino words.

Upon the first Europeans settling in the area, they called the area, “Tappan”.

According to Wikipedia,
“Three major industries once thrived in Nyack:
– Sandstone quarrying for New York City buildings
– Boat & Ship building
– Shoe manufacturing”

When the Tappan Zee Bridge was completed in 1955, it connected Rockland County to Westchester County and the area saw a significant increase in its population.

By the 1980’s, Nyack underwent a revitalization and new businesses opened up.

Before we get into the content about things to do in Nyack NY, you can also see what to do in Rockland County be reading my popular article here.

10+ Exciting Things to do in Nyack NY

– Drive over, walk over, bike over the bridge

Driving along the Gov Mario Cuomo Bridge

The bus service, the HudsonLink, is offering FREE Shuttle to the Mario Cuomo Bridge Pathway on Saturdays & Sundays from 7:30am to 7:30pm. This shuttle will run until November 1st. The loop runs every 20 minutes.

You can catch the shuttle bus at the:

  • Palisades Center Mall (Lot J)
  • South Nyack (the Pathway’s Rockland Landing)
  • Route 119 (the pathway’s Westchester Landing)
  • Tarrytown Train Station

“The Path” is a unique pathway that comprises of the full length of the bridge. Separated by traffic by concrete barriers, this pathway is a safe was to walk, run and/or bike across the bridge. It is no easy feat though, with a one way length of 3 1/2 miles.

Another special feature are the six scenic overlooks across the span of the pathway. Each overlook is a wonderful way to take a break along the pathway while seeing art and learning all about the history of the Hudson River.

– Shop, Eat and/or Play at the Palisades Center Mall

Entrance to the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY
The view of the Ferris Wheel at the Palisades Center Mall

Located right along the New York State Thruway, the Palisades Center Mall is the perfect place to shop, eat and have fun!

As the second largest mall in New York Metro area and the eighth largest mall in the United States. The mall has 4 floors full of shops, eateries and entertainment.

The 9+ Activities at the Palisades Mall you can do Today!

– Take the Nyack Walking Tour

Although guided walking tours are suspended at the time of this posting, you can pick up a map at the front desk of the Edward Hopper House (see below) and take a self-guided tour of Edward Hopper’s Nyack.

The homes listed on the self-guided tour are not open to the public, though, but you can marvel at their beauty from the outside.

You can view a Google Map with areas highlighted and you can also download a small PDF version of the map on the Edward Hopper House Website.

– Explore the Edward Hopper House

front of Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center

Visit the childhood home of Edward Hopper, an iconic American artist. By viewing artifacts, photographs and some of his works, you can get a better understanding of the person whose works have graced the White House, the Whitney Museum of Art, The Met, the Art Institute of Chicago and other Museums around the world.

During the warmer months, the Edward Hopper House Museum hosts Jazz Music in the Garden. Using the house’s backyard and stage, this unique experience is one that is shared by many.

Learn about the life and art of Edward Hopper by visiting his childhood home

– Walk Downtown Nyack

Street signs in Nyack NY. Things to do in Nyack NY

One of the best things to do in Nyack NY is walk around the Downtown Nyack area. Full of unique shopping, cafes and restaurants, and home to the a weekly farmers markets and their annual Nyack Street Fair.

In addition to the shops and places to eat, walking along Main Street in Nyack is a beautiful example of Main Street USA. You can explore art galleries or catch a performance at the Elmwood Playhouse. (See Below) Rivertown Film is a wonderful place to catch a documentary, foreign film or an independent film.

– Eat at one or more of the many restaurants

Although small in size, the town of Nyack is home to many restaurants showcasing a variety of diverse cuisines.

Some popular ones include:

  • Alains Petit Bistro
  • Art Cafe of Nyack
  • Greekish
  • The Hudson House
  • Hudson Market on Main
  • Little Vietnam Bar & Grill
  • Mumbai Dreams
  • Prohibition River
  • Turiello Pizza House & Restaurant
  • UP Lounge & Restaurant
  • Wasabi

– Shop along Main Street’s & Broadway’s bustling scene

Things to do in Nyack NY
Things to do in nyack ny

As with the restaurants, shopping is one of the best things to do in Nyack NY. Immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience at some of these great places:

  • Funny Business
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Pickwick Book Shop
  • Bridge Street Botanical
  • Knitting Nation
  • Sage’s Herbal Apothecary

– Nyack Beach State Park

Located in Upper Nyack, Nyack Beach State Park has an incredible 60+ acres of riverfront property perfect for hiking, bicycling, picnicking and fishing.

This is a wonderful place to enjoy the views and enjoy the outdoors. Leashed pets welcome. There is a parking fee.

– Admire art both inside & out at the Rockland Center For the Arts

Rockland Center for the Arts is a wonderful place to experience art, both inside and outside. Their mission is to inspire and educate others to art in all its forms.

The Art Center is located in West Nyack, NY and is conveniently located near the Gov Mario Cuomo Bridge, but feels like it is located a million miles away from the city.

How to Best Explore the Rockland Center for the Arts (BTW: It’s Free)

Rockland Center for the Arts

– Hook Mountain State Park

Located off of North Broadway in Nyack, Hook Mountain State Park is mostly underdeveloped land that stretches almost 7 miles. The summit offers amazing views of Rockland lake and the Hudson River Valley.

Access to the park can be found through the Nyack Beach State Park entrance.

– Nyack Boat Charter

Charter a boat through Nyack Boat Charter and explore the Hudson River in a fun and exciting way. You can also sail and surf on the Hudson. Private sailing charters, power boat and river cruises, as well as, water sports.

Cruising the Hudson River: Experience New York’s Scenic River

– Oak Hill Cemetery

One of the unlikely things to do in Nyack NY, Oak Hill Cemetery is where you can find the graves of playwright Charles MacArthur, actress Helen Hayes, scientist & investor William Hand and artist Edward Hopper.

– Nyack Farmers Market

Every Thursday from 8am – 2pm, Nyack becomes busy with one of the best things to do in Nyack NY. Located at the Main Street Parking lot, the Nyack’s Farmers Market showcases the best produce, baked goods, fresh seafood, and more.

79+ Popular Farmers Markets You Should Know About

Hudson Valley Farmers Markets

Elmwood Playhouse

Elmwood Playhouse is located on Park Street in Nyack NY. This quaint performing arts center has 99 seats and showcases plays, musicals readings and other performances. Hosting ‘Porch Stories’ is a unique way of continuing to perform during the pandemic.

Tips for a Successful Visit to Nyack NY

  • Check individual websites before making plans and visiting locations.
  • Check the weather, so you can enjoy walking around Nyack NY

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Until the Next Adventure…

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