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10 Sunflower Fields in NY

The Hudson Valley and New York are well-known for it changing colors of fall leaves, but what about the sunflower? Sunflower fields in NY are one of the most underrated and most beautiful places to visit and are worthy of their Instagram fame!

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Why are Sunflower Fields in NY so Special

Late Summer arrives in the Hudson Valley and it’s too late for tulips and too early for fall’s changing leaves, so the sunflower fields of NY take center stage. And over the years, with the success of Instagram and TikTok, they HAVE been taking center stage.

The sunflower season generally starts from Mid-Summer to Early Autumn. This typically means that you can enjoy them from Late July through Late August / Early September or sometimes Early October (depending on weather conditions). In my opinion, this is the best time of year to visit local farms.

There are many sunflower fields in NY that get visited every year

But like other short crop seasons in the Hudson Valley (Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries, etc), the sunflower fields in NY are often in full bloom and within its peak for two to three weeks. So that means, that you should make your plans and see them as soon as you can!

Sunflowers grow to an impressive height of several feet and offer a glorious bloom.

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If you’ve wondered where you can find sunflower fields in NY, then this is the article for you.

Where to Find the Sunflower Fields in NY

Popular Sunflower Fields in the Hudson Valley

#1: Barton Orchards

Located in Poughquag, Barton Orchards offers five acres of beautiful sunflowers and is one of the best spots for photographs. The best time to visit is during their annual Sunflower Festival.

In addition to being a u-pick farm, Barton Orchards also has a tap room, general store, playground, petting zoo, gem stone mining, mini golf, concessions (including ice cream) and farm market. Their Facebook Page always lists the upcoming events and hours of operation.

#2: Brittany Hollow Farm

Conveniently located on Route 9 between Rhinebeck and Red Hook, Brittany Hollow Farm is a great place to visit to pick different varieties of sunflowers. These dazzling sunflowers may be taken home in a bucket the farm provides (for an extra fee).

closeup of a sunflower in sunflower fields in ny

#3: DuBois Farms

Dubois Farm, located in Highland offers free admission and free parking. During this difficult time, it’s good to know that you can have family-friendly experiences and enjoy a place without paying so much up front.

Having added sunflowers to their selection of other flowers, it’s easy to make your own bouquets with a nice variety of flowers. In addition to their u-pick season, they also have a bakery, pizzeria, ice cream shop, farm animals, and cider, beer and wine tasting.

#4: Fishkill Farms

Located in Hopewell Junction, reservations are required for this pick-your-own farm. In addition to the admission fee, Fishkill Farms also charge per sunflower stem. In addition to picking your own flowers, fruits and vegetables during the growing season, they also offer events and cider tastings.

#5: Germantown Farms

Located on an over 100 acre farm, Germantown Farms is an organic farm offers u-pick wildflowers, including u-pick sunflowers. The good news is that out of all the flower farms around, Germantown Farms donates 100% of the u-pick proceeds to a local non-profit of your choice. This hidden gem is the perfect place to spend some time.

Starting this year, they are opening the farm two times a week (from May through September), for children to make new friends and meet their Sunshine Mini Horses.

They welcome parents and children to stop by on Tuesdays from 11am – 2pm and Fridays from 4pm – 5pm and learn about and groom the Sunshine Mini horses for about 30 minutes and then play with other children the remainder of the time.

This is a great chance for children to experience something unique but also a wonderful time to make new friends. Children must be accompanied by an adult and there is no charge for the program. Donations are happily accepted.

sunflower firlds in ny is a wonderful place to visit

#6: Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Located in Pleasant Valley, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is open to the public for special events throughout the year. During these times, walk through the acres of their own sunflowers that are used for their own products. In addition to their own festivals, their products can also be found at local markets.

#7: Kelder’s Farm

Located in Kerhonkson, Kelder’s Farm is a favorite farm for many. In addition to its fresh flowers, Kelder’s also has mini golf, corn maze and meadow maze, farm animals, playground and picnic area. The best part of this large farm is all the fun you can have there.

They also have an annual sunflower festival where you can grab social media-worthy pictures while the sunflowers are in peak bloom. They offer one of the best sunflower fields around and is the best way to spend the afternoon.

#8: Sunflower Valley Farm

Located in New Hampton, NY, you can start your day at Sunflower Valley Farm with a picnic, visit the farm animals and hay bale characters. This dog-friendly farm has acres of sunflowers, face painting, petting zoo and is the perfect day trip from NYC.

#9: Twin Ponds Greenhouse/Farm

Located in Montgomery, Twin Ponds Farm was once a dairy farm. It offers so much to do. With a 7 acre corn maze, a 9-hole disc golf course, an obstacle course, bonfire pits and so much more, it’s easy to spend a great afternoon here.

Popular Sunflower Fields in Other Parts of NY

Several sunflower fields in NY are relatively close but are not found within the boroughs of New York City. Depending on where they live, the closest sunflower fields may be in either Orange County NY or on Long Island.

Unfortunately, you need a car to visit sunflower fields in NY as public transportation does not take you there.

#1: Frederick Farms

Located in Ontario County NY, Frederick Farms offers sunflower hayrides to their abundant fields. They do not charge an entrance fee but donations are welcomed for House of John, a hospice in Clifton Springs.

#2: Manor Farm

Located in Huntington NY, this Long Island Farm is a place for fun and education. Manor Farm is a historical old farm that hosts a Sunflower Festival in July.

#3: North Fork Sunflower Maze

Located in Mattituck NY, the North Fork Sunflower Maze offers a unique experience and providing family fun. The plant the sunflower seeds every year in section in order to create the maze. The sunflowers, though, are not for picking, but for the purpose of the maze.

Sunflower in focus

#4: Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm

Located in Calverton NY, this Long Island Farm is a favorite of many. Famous for their sweet corn, Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm, their sunflower maze is visited by many.

#5: Waterdrinker Family Farm

Located in Manorville, Waterdrinker Farm is a family farm that hosts a Sunflower Festival. During the festival you have access to the Sunflower fields (where you can admire the sunflower bloom up close), visit barnyard animals, mini golf, tractor pedal cars, an obstacle course, wooden playland and more.

The ultimate list to Hudson Valley Farms for visiting, picking and having fun!

Best Ways to Take Advantage of your Visit

Tips on How to Take Pictures of Sunflower Fields in NY

Take the Right and Light Equipment

I’ve experimented with lots of iPhone photography gear over the years, from full-sized tripods and gimbals to mini bendable tripods. My favorite, lightweight multi-function essential gear is a self-stick/tripod combo.

This one is under $25 and fits perfectly in a purse because it shrinks to 8 inches. It also can be used for a wide variety of situations, as it extends to 40 inches.

Although it comes with a phone holder/clamp, I prefer this one, as the clamp is strong and it can be moved easily from portrait to landscape mode.

Honestly, I’m not a professional photographer, so I would not buy any complicated equipment or gimbals, because a steady hand and sturdy accessories go a long way. But if you are interested in trying out a gimbal, then this one a good choice.

Man taking photo in sunflower field

Play with angles during your photo shoots

When photographing sunflowers in fields, the most important thing is to play around with angles and the sun. While some photos of sunflowers look great while backlit, I find that taking photos from top, bottom, side lends to the uniqueness of a photo.

My favorite angle is taking pictures of sunflowers in sunflower fields from below, looking up to the sky. I would suggest taking a blanket for this, like this one because it’s waterproof.

Experiment with Macro Setting and Portrait Setting

Macro setting or close-up setting can add interest and drama to a photo of sunflowers. Seeing the minute details in a photo make it stand out from the crowd.

While taking a photo in portrait mode (with a blurry background) can also highlight a sunflower or two without the distraction of the whole field behind the subject.

Try different Filters after you take the photos

There is something so beautiful about a black and white photo or a photo in sepia tone. It adds interest to a photo and enhances details not shown in a black and white photo.

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What to Wear to Sunflower Fields in NY

Think comfortable when planning you trip to sunflower fields in NY. Loose fitting clothing is best and close-toed shoes/sneakers.

If you’re taking photos of yourself at a sunflower farm, then think neutral colors (black, white, khaki) or denim so the sunflowers are the star of the show. Greens, Plums and Browns also work well against the green and yellow of the sunflowers.

Some Fun Photos to Take at Sunflower Fields in NY

  • Pretend to kiss a sunflower.
  • Sunflowers at sunset.
  • Hands up to the sky.
  • Walking to camera or away from camera.
  • Hands only picture with flower in hands.
  • Cover face with a flower.
Girls with hands up in a sunflower field

What to Bring for a successful visit to Sunflower Fields in NY

  • Bring water, paper towels to saturate and wrap stems for your trip home.
    • Once home, angle cut, place in cool water with 1 tsp of sugar or 1/2 cup of lemon-lime soda in order to keep these dazzling sunflowers alive for floral arrangements.
  • A Portable Phone Charger in case you plan to take a lot of photos. This one is lightweight and affordable.

About Sunflowers

Sunflowers are not only native to the East Coast, but are planted and farmed throughout the United States. With dozens of different types of sunflowers farmed, the success of the crop is dependent on the conditions in the area where they grow.

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