Choosing a place to go apple picking in the Hudson Valley can be quite tricky. With so many choices in and around the Hudson Valley, this task can be overwhelming. However, I am here to share our experience going to Stuart’s Fruit Farm in Granite Springs, NY and help you decide if Stuart’s Farm is a good choice for you.

What is Stuart’s Farm?

Stuart’s Farm is a 200+ acre family-owned farm in Westchester County. The Stuart family has owned and operated the farm since 1828. That seems like an incredible feat, especially during these times where developers are often looking for land to build homes, etc.

The Stuart family takes pride in what they are able to offer their customers. With over 20 varieties of apples growing on their orchard, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Stuart Fruit Farm is not only an apple orchard, they also grow peaches and nectarines. These fruits are also available for seasonal picking. What may surprise you is that they also grow Christmas Trees, so stop on by in December and check out their freshly grown trees.

All these things keep them very busy all year long!

Stuarts Fruit Farm is one of the best places to go apple picking in the Hudson Valley

Stuart's Farm produce stand has a variety of locally grown vegetables and products.

Stuarts Farm own guard puppy at the Farm Market

Stuart’s Fruit Farm is the oldest working farm in Westchester County. In 2017, they gained protection from future development when they earned a grant that assures that the farm will continue being used for agricultural purposes. This is a big win for Stuart’s Farm and for Westchester County. This family’s legacy will live on for a long time.

Where is Stuart’s Fruit Farm located?

Stuart’s Farm is located in Westchester County, about an hour North of NYC. The fam is located in Granite Springs, NY, nestled between Yorktown Heights and Shrub Oak.

Stuart’s Fruit Farm can be easily accessed from the Taconic State Parkway. The scenic drive puts anyone in the apple picking mood instantly.

Stuart's Farm is a wonderful place to pick your own apples and pumpkins.

Address & Business Hours for Stuart’s Fruit Farm

62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs, NY

Apple Picking Hours: 
Monday – Sunday 10am – 5pm
Through November

Stuart’s Farm versus Other Local Farms

With approximately 20,000 visitors a year, Stuart’s Fruit Farm is a favorite in the Hudson Valley.

After visiting many apple orchards since childhood, Stuart’s is one of our family’s favorites.

Freshly picked apples right from Stuart's Fruit Farm in Granite Springs, NY

Other popular and favorite orchards in the area include:

  • Fishkill Farms, East Fishkill – Fishkill Farms is another family-owned farm with a long history of providing quality and fun for generations of families. They are located in Dutchess County and offer pea and strawberry picking in the Spring, as well as, apples and pumpkins in the Fall.
  • Outhouse Orchards, North Salem – Outhouse Orchards is another Westchester County favorite. What started as a dairy farm in the 1800’s, Outhouse Orchards then began farming fruit in the 1900’s. This is another family-owned farm that shows off its pride every season it welcomes visitors.
  • Harvest Moon Orchard, North Salem – Harvest Moon is a wonderful farm owned and operated by first generation farmers. They not only farm fruit and vegetables but also raise organic livestock and sell their very own hard cider, ‘Hardscrabble Cider’.
  • Wilkens Farm, Yorktown Heights – Another Westchester County favorite, Wilken Fruit & Fir Farm has been celebrating its harvest for more than 100 years. In addition to apples, peaches and pumpkins, the farm has several acres of ‘Choose-and-Cut’ your own Christmas Tree.
  • Lawrence Farm Orchards, Newburgh – A favorite of Orange County, Lawrence Farm Orchards has been owned by the same family since 1892. They have been in the ‘Pick-you-Own’ industry for approximately 30 years and offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Their season runs from June to October.
  • Masker Orchards, Warwick – My family’s favorite orchard, Masker Orchards is the place of many wonderful childhood memories. You can drive right up to the trees and picnic under the shade of a beautiful apple tree.

Stuart's Fruit Farm's Bakery features homemade pies, apple cider donuts and hot apple cider to enjoy on the farm

What can you do at Stuart’s Fruit Farm? What makes this place so Special?

Number 1:
Stuart’s Fruit Farm is a decent-sized orchard that offer some great amenities. Upon arriving at the farm, my favorite aspect was the parking area and its close proximity to the main area of the farm.

Because we’ve visited many farms over the years, this is definitely a plus for us. I’m sure that families with small children and strollers will appreciate this aspect of the farm too.

Number 2:
You are first greeted by the farm market and their wonderful bakery. Upon arriving to the apple orchard, each area is clearly marked with the type of apple grown in that particular row. This makes it easy to see and know what you’re picking.

Number 3:
If you enjoy hayrides, then Stuart’s Farm offers hayrides around the orchard on the weekends. These rides typically take place from 11am – 5pm. In addition, activities such as a Corn Maze are always a hit for visitors.

Number 4:
My children always love a good corn maze. We usually take video of them trying to solve the maze along with their cousins. It’s fun to rewatch the videos later.

Number 5:
We also enjoy their pumpkin patch. We always pick our most ‘Perfect Pumpkin’ and also take some great photos of the family while enjoying the scenery.

Number 6:
Their farm stand is chock full of fresh produce and local products that everyone can enjoy.

Number 7:
Last, but not least, their bakery is to die for. On a busy weekend the line stretches out the door and almost around the whole front of the building. They have a wonderful selection of freshly baked pies, hot apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts.  * Advice: If you can go during the week, you will have a better chance of snatching up your favorite pie flavor before they sell out!
You’re welcome! ?

A full bag of delicious apples from Stuart's Farm in Granite Springs, NY

Highlights & Tips for Visiting Stuart’s Farm

  • Stuart’s Fruit farm is a Cash & Check only Establishment
  • There is a Picnic area on the premises
  • This place is perfect for everyone and is Pet-Friendly.

Cortland Apple Sign at Stuart's Fruit Farm in Westchester County NY

Final Thoughts 

Whether you like Macintosh, Cortland, Gala, Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and/or Fuji apples, you can find these and so much more during a visit to Stuart’s Fruit Farm in Granite Springs.

Betsy Stuart and her family run a wonderful farm. Did you know that she often conducts the school/scout tours during the months of September & October?

These tours offer a history of the farm and a tour of the main aspects of the property, such as the storage areas and cider mill. In addition, she offers information on how the apples are graded and sold. After the tour is complete, the visitors are also invited to go apple picking, pumpkin picking and visit the bakery.

Additional Photos from Stuart’s Fruit Farm

Stuart's Farm is a Pet-friendly location where the whole family can enjoy an Autumn day out.

Empire Apples are a popular apply type for apple pickers at Stuart's Fruit Farm

The orchards at Stuarts Fruit Farm are long and abundant.

Have fun at the pumpkin patch located at Stuart's Fruit Farm.

Macs are another popular type of apple and ones that can be found at Stuart's Farm in Westchester County NY.

Hayrides and Corn Maze at Stuart's Fruit Farm

Vintage Gas pump located at Stuart's Fruit Farm.

Dog enjoying the pumpkin patch at Stuart's Farm

For more Information:
Visit their website:
Visit their Facebook Page!


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Stuart's Farm is the oldest working farm in Westchester County, NY.
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