Piermont park is one of the best parks in Rockland County NY

A Guide to the 17+ Best Parks in Rockland County NY: Go Have Fun!

Are you looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and get back in touch with nature? Look no further than the beautiful parks in Rockland County NY!

With a variety of Rockland County parks to choose from, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a scenic hiking trail or a relaxing picnic spot.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best parks in Rockland County and provide tips for planning your visit. So pack a bag and let’s go explore!

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Why are parks in Rockland County NY so important?

Parks in Rockland County NY have been designates as a ‘Preserve America Community’. This means that Rockland County has over 32,000 undeveloped acres of untouched parkland. The parks system is made up of 3,000 acres of usable park space spread along 30 parks.

With it’s close proximity to New York City and New Jersey, parks in Rockland County NY have always been a popular destination for many.

Rockland County is home to a variety of parks that offer something for everyone. From state parks to local parks, you can explore beautiful scenery and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

One of the most popular state parks in the area is Bear Mountain State Park, which boasts over 5,000 acres of hiking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the Hudson River. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll in nature, Bear Mountain and other parks in Rockalnd County NY have something to offer.

Paddleboats on Hessian Lake is one of the great Bear Mountain Activities to do during the summer

Are Dogs welcome at parks in Rockland County NY?

Most parks in Rockland County NY welcome dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet. As always, practice caution when taking your dog to a public park and make sure to clean up after them.

The list below provides information regarding taking your dog to parks in Rockland County NY. Some parks have designated dog areas and dog runs, while others have specific rules for where dogs can be within the park. It is always a good idea to check the park’s website before venturing out on a road trip with your dog.

chairs by one of the lakes in Rockland County NY

Map of parks in Rockland County NY

10 Best Parks in Rockland County NY worth a visit

– Anthony Wayne Recreation Area – Harriman State Park

Located in the town of Stony Point, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area is situated within the scenic Harriman State Park and offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities. This county park is a popular destination for special events, festivals and car cruises.

Open dawn to dusk, this is day-use area is a great place to have a picnic or BBQ. With a bike path perfect for a ride, your choice of play area and cross-country ski trails, this is one of the most popular parks in Rockland County NY.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– Bear Mountain State Park

Spread over Rockland County and Orange County, Bear Mountain State Park is a wonderful park to visit any time of the year. With so many things to see and do at Bear Mountain State Park, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite of many.

Entrance to Bear Mountain Inn.

The centerpiece of Bear Mountain State Park is Hessian Lake, the perfect place to use a row boat or paddle boat.
Some things to do at Bear Mountain State Park are:

  • Athletic Fields, including soccer field and softball fields
  • Use the Boat Launch
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ice Skating
  • Walk and Hike Nature Trails
  • Swimming Pool
  • Trailside Zoo and Nature Center
  • And more….

FYI: Dogs must be on a leash not more than 6 feet. They are not allowed in buildings, picnic areas, bathing areas, on walkways or in the Trailside Museum and Wildlife Center.

Have the Best Day at Bear Mountain State Park with these great activities

– Bowline Point Park

Located in Haverstraw, Bowline Point Park is one of the parks in Rockland County NY chock-full of things to do.

In addition to their Olympic size pool, with a diving well and wading area, they have two water slides, and a toddler pool. Also in the park, there are playgrounds, a handicap accessible water spray area, a handicap accessible playground, two tennis court, pickleball court, regulation size volleyball courts, walking paths and a fishing pier with a spectacular river view.

– Blauvelt State Park

Situated in 590 acres of forested green space, Blauvelt State Park is open year round. Its hiking trails will give you access to spectacular views of the Hudson Valley and rugged mountains nearby.

Please know there is limited parking here and there are no bathroom facilities, as this is one of several undeveloped parks in Rockland County NY.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

Lake DeForest is one of the more popular lakes in Rockland County NY

– Buttermilk Falls Park

Located in West Nyack, Buttermilk Falls is approximately 75 acres and is mainly comprised of steep woodlands that lead to the falls. For decades the falls have been a natural attraction for its deep gorge and ravine effects.  

Besides the waterfall, you can see the Ramapo Mountains and South Mountain, as well as, New Jersey. There is a walking trail from the parking lot leading to the Falls and Stream, and several to the scenic overlooks. 

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– Eugene Levy Memorial Park

Located in Pomona, the Eugene Levy Memorial Park has a unique water playground called “Sprayground,” which is a safe and fun area for children to splash around and cool off in the summer heat.

This water spray area features colorful spray features and interactive elements that keep children entertained for hours. The park also has a playground, handball courts, an exercise trail, walking path and picnic tables, making it a great spot for families to spend a day out.

Piermont park is one of the best parks in Rockland County NY

– Eleanor Burlingham Memorial Park

Consisting of approximately 45 acres, Eleanor Burlingham Memorial Park is a natural area located in Sloatsburg, off of Seven Lakes Drive. This is one of the local parks primarily visited for fishing, the park is also used for canoeing, bird watching and hiking.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– Emeline Park

This waterfront park boasts amazing views of Haverstraw Bay. With a spectacular river view, Emeline Park is one of the parks in Rockland County NY with a pier.

The pier extends out into the Hudson River and provides a perfect spot for fishing, picnicking, or simply enjoying the beautiful views of the river. This fishing pier is particularly popular during the warmer months.

For those who enjoy water activities, Emeline Park has a boat launch that provides access to the Hudson River. The park is a popular spot for kayaking and paddleboarding, and there is ample parking available for vehicles with trailers.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– H. Pierson Mapes Flat Rock Park

One of the little known parks in Rockland County NY, H. Pierson Mapes Flat Rock Park is a unique location. An expanse of billion-year old bedrock of the Ramapo Mountains is a popular spot for fishing, canoeing and wildlife watching.

The park provides the best public access of the Ramapo River.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

Dog at the dog park

– Harriman State Park

As the second largest park in New York State, Harriman State Park is located between Rockland County and Orange County. It is a hikers paradise with over 200 miles of hiking trails. In addition to hiking trails there are also horseback riding trails and mountain bike trails.

In addition to the great hiking opportunities, this is one of the only parks in Rockland County NY to have over 30 lakes, with Lake Sebago being the largest of all the lakes at 310 acres and offers some sandy beach areas for swimming.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– Haverstraw Bay Park

Located on Bowline Road, Haverstraw Bay Park offers beautiful views of the Hudson River and is a popular spot for picnics, hiking, and fishing. Located on the west bank of the Hudson River, this 27-acre park offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and the surrounding landscape.

One of the main attractions of Haverstraw Bay Park is its waterfront promenade, which is perfect for taking a stroll or a bike ride while enjoying the scenic views of the river. The park also has a number of picnic areas, grills, and pavilions, making it an ideal spot for a family outing or a group gathering.

Parks in Rockland County NY are a wonderful destination for those looking for a day trip from New York City.

– Hook Mountain State Park

Located in Upper Nyack, the central feature of Hook Mountain State Park is Hook Mountain, a 689-foot summit overlooking Rockland Lake and the Hudson River. Although it is an undeveloped park, this nature area offers a great location for hikers and bird watchers.

The Long Path passes through the park and over the summit of Hook Mountain.

– Kakiat Park

Located in Montebello, Kakiat Park is most popular for hiking, horseback riding, picnicking and to admire the beautiful scenery. The Kakiat Trial is walking distance from the parking lot and crosses into Harriman State Park.

There is a footbridge that crosses the river and guided tours are available by the Park Rangers.

Dog-friendly: An off-leash dog area is located near the parking lot.

– Kennedy Dells Park

Located on North Main Street in New City, Kennedy Dells Park has a “splash pad” area that is perfect for younger children to enjoy. The splash pad features different types of water spray features and is surrounded by soft, slip-resistant padding to ensure safety. There’s also a children’s playground and a picnic areas in the park.

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– Monsey Glen Park

If you’re looking for a peaceful area for hiking trails, then Monsey Glen Park is for you! With its 25 acres of natural beauty, this is one of the more natural parks in Rockland County NY.

Leashed dogs are welcome!

– Nyack Beach State Park

Nyack Beach State Park is another great option for those looking to spend some time outdoors. Located on the Hudson River, this park offers beautiful views of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Palisades. You can take a stroll on the beach or explore the hiking trails that wind through the park. There’s also a picnic area where you can enjoy a meal with family or friends.

Lake Hessian at Bear Mountain. Things to do in Rockland County and the best Bear Mountain activities.

– Rockland Lake State Park

Located on a ridge of Hook Mountain, Rockland Lake State Park has many amenities other parks in Rockland County NY do not have. Their huge 25,0000 square foot swimming pool with accessible water spray area, kiddie pool/toddler pool, diving boards and water slides is the main attraction.

A children and toddler playground is located in the picnic area in parking lot 2. In addition, this park boasts six tennis courts and two golf courses.

FYI: Dogs are NOT permitted from May – September. From October to April 30th, pets are permitted in the park, however, not on the 3.2 mile Bike Path.

– Tallman Mountain State Park

Tallman Mountain State Park is a smaller park located in Sparkill, NY, but don’t let its size fool you. This park is home to some beautiful hiking trails that offer stunning views of the Hudson River and the surrounding area. There’s also a playground for kids and a picnic area where you can enjoy a meal with your family or friends. Whether you’re looking for a quick hike or a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Tallman Mountain State Park is worth a visit.

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Do parks in Rockland County NY charge a fee?

Some parks in Rockland County NY charge a fee during specific times of the year. These often include:

  • Beginning of April through Mid-June: Fees collected on weekends & holidays
  • End of June through beginning of September: 7 days a week
  • Mid-September through Mid-October: Weekends & Holidays
  • Mid-October through beginning of April: No parking fee is charged.

Check individual park website to confirm information regarding parking fees

Do parks in Rockland County NY offer open air Pavilion Rentals?

Pavilion rentals at New York State Parks are offered through the Reserve America. You can call them at 1-800-456-2267 or on their website.

Reservations can be made exactly 11 months in advance. Prices vary based on sizes of the pavilion and amenities. There is also an additional reservation and walk-in fee you should be aware of.

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