A majestic tree and bench at the Orange County Arboretum

Orange County Arboretum: Is it worth the visit?

While many magnificent gardens and arboretums in the Hudson Valley charge an admission fee, this one in particular does not: Orange County Arboretum.

It’s no secret that the Hudson Valley has many gorgeous public gardens and open spaces, created by nature and by people who love the flowers, trees and the art of creating amazing landscapes.

Orange County Arboretum is no exception.

Many of these spaces are favorites of many locals and tourists visiting the area.

Whether you’re heading out to get some fresh air, take some photos or take a walk by yourself or with a significant other, Orange County Arboretum is a perfect spot for all these things and more.

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Things to Know Before your Visit to Orange County Arboretum:

  • The Orange County Arboretum is open year-round and is FREE.
  • There is a small parking lot offering FREE parking to visitors
  • Be aware that there is a motorized gate at the entrance of the arboretum and the arboretum appears closed from the outside. It will automatically open when you approach it with your car.

Visiting the Orange County Arboretum:

Open year-round
Sunrise to sunset
UPDATE: Closing at 6pm on Weekends until further notice

What is an Arboretum?

The short version is: an arboretum is a ‘botanical-like’ area that consists primarily of trees and other woody plants. Flowers are not the main focus of an arboretum but highlight the landscape in the area.

Tulips at the Orange county Arboretum
Statue Fountain at Orange County Arboretum

Where is the Orange County Arboretum located?

The Orange County Arboretum is located within the Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Hamptonburgh/Montgomery, NY (Orange County).

Since the Thomas Bull Memorial Park is so large, make sure to take Grove Street, off of Route 416 in order to find the gate for entrance to the Orange County Arboretum.

One can only enter through the motorized gated entrance located on Grove Street. When driving up to the entrance, you will be passing horse farms on the opposite side of the road and the arboretum is across from them. The sight of the horses out is magnificent.

A majestic tree and bench at the Orange County Arboretum

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What makes the Orange County Arboretum so special?

This area is a grand 35 acres and consists of many trails to explore. The highlight of this magnificent place is the Remembrance Walkway and Garden to honor the victims of the September 11th attacks and their families.

The display of many variety of trees, shrubs and other plants is inspiring. During our visit many people were seen sitting under the shade of the trees, taking photos in front of trees and sketching and painting the landscape as a whole.

Remembrance Memorial at the Orange County Arboretum

Because the arboretum is open to the public year round, this makes it an ideal location to take a walk and just ‘get away’ from the daily hustle of life.

A big plus to the Orange County Arboretum is that it is taken care of by volunteers. You can see the love that they put into caring for the arboretum. It is maintained and manicured with love.

If you are a tree and plant enthusiast, many of the items are labeled for your convenience and it helps with providing education to its visitors.

Wooden structure at the Orange County Arboretum

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Highlights of visiting the Orange County Arboretum

The main highlights of the Orange County Arboretum are:

#1: The various pathways throughout the Arboretum.

It felt like a never ending adventure. We found something new to look at and discover at every turn. The highlight for me was the Wisteria Trellis Walkway.

#2: The Remembrance Walkway and Garden.

This is a magnificent display. The globe spins slowly and is quite the centerpiece to this area. It makes quite an impact for those who visit. The benches located around the globe make it an ideal location for mediation and stillness.

#3: Japanese Rock Garden

This area is both secluded and magical. You can walk along the rocks and see and hear the water rushing through them from different areas.

Japanese Garden at Orange County Arboretum

Is Orange County Arboretum Worth the Visit?

Absolutely, YES!

If you looking for a quiet, open space to relax and enjoy nature, then Orange County Arboretum is the place for you.

Not only is it free, but it is filled with wonderful things to look at and explore.

The space is small compared to other public spaces but the layout is perfect for a nice visit. It is laid out in a circular fashion with areas with benches, sculptures and other art work interspersed between the breathtaking scenery.

Orange County Arboretum Garden area

More Things to See & Do Near the Orange County Arboretum:

Until the Next Adventure…

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