A Photographic Visit to Opus 40: Hudson Valley Sculpture Park

Of all the amazing places to visit in the Hudson Valley, Opus 40 is the most unique Hudson Valley sculpture park.

When I made the decision to take my children on a trip to Saugerties NY and visit Opus 40, the chance to see Opus 40 for the first time was definitely the highlight of the year.

A view of the entrance of Opus 40

The thing was, we had so many places on our Hudson Valley Bucket List and then COVID struck and we had to wait to see when/if everything would re-open.

I was thrilled when I heard that this wonderful sculpture park upstate NY would re-open for ticketed time slots.

Although Opus 40 is open to the public, please follow these guidelines:
Please be safe.
Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and follow all mandates and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (cdc.gov) and NY State and local Governments.

> Opus 40 is open seasonally: Spring through Autumn

> Advance ticket purchase is necessary to visit Opus 40. The ticket allows for a visit of 2 hours maximum.

> The sculpture itself sits on one piece of land but you may also explore the remaining grounds during the visit.

> There are picnic tables situated on the property for you to enjoy lunch.

> There is parking on the premises.

This Hudson Valley Sculpture Park offers ramps and landings perfect for picture taking

Visiting Opus 40: Hudson Valley Sculpture Park

VISITING HOURS: (as the time of this published post)
Open Seasonally
Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun: 11am – 5pm (visits of 2 hrs only)
Adults $11; Seniors/Students $8; Children (younger than 5 yrs) Free
Free for Members & Essential Workers

Where is This one-of-a kind Hudson Valley Sculpture Park?

Before I get into the content about how to explore Opus 40 and how to take the best photos at Opus 40, I’m sure you’re wondering where this Hudson Valley Sculpture Park is located.

Opus 40 is located in Saugerties NY in Ulster County.

Location west of the NYS Thruway (I-87), Opus 40 is situated down a quiet, country road.

50 Fite Road
Saugerties, NY

Steps and Ramps at Opus 40 - a premier Hudson Valley Sculpture Park

About Opus 40: A Unique Hudson Valley Sculpture Park

Facing Overlook Mountain, the 6.5 acre sculpture, meadow and walking trails that make up Opus 40 definitely feels like a world away from New York City about 100 miles away.

Part of the Catskill Mountains, this breathtaking walkable sculpture was created by artist Harvey Fite. He painstakingly worked on Opus 40 by hand, for 37 years, and created this marvel and the sculptures situated around the property.

Considered by many to be the Stonehenge of North America, Opus 40 welcomes more than 20,000 visitors from the Hudson Valley, New York City, and throughout the state, country and world, each and every year. 

Opus 40 Website

Due to its distance from New York City and because of its gorgeous natural backdrop, Opus is very popular among art lovers and nature lovers alike.

It’s also a place most likely to attract people who may just be going away for a long weekend. For many, this may add to the easiness of visiting while others may be looking to explore the Hudson Valley in a less crowded environment.

People in front of the Monolith at Opus 40

The Best Things to Photograph Opus 40

If you’re looking for a list of locations in Ulster County, head HERE. I put a list of the best spots in the county to visit.

However, in this article, I want to focus directly on what to take photos of when you visit this enchanting Hudson Valley sculpture park.

The Monolith

The Centerpiece of Opus 40
Looking at the centerpiece at Opus 40

The centerpiece of this majestic sculpture is the Monolith. After having a boulder transported to the quarry, Fite began to cult the stone.

This 9 ton bluestone sculpture was actually placed deliberately with the the wider part facing the sky. Fite believed this position elevated it further and made it seem grander then having it the other way around.

The Ramps & Steps

The view of the entrance ramp at Opus 40 in Saugerties NY

The ramps and steps may be the most impressive part of Opus 40. It’s hard to imagine that someone took time and placed each stone perfectly so in order to build the ramps and steps that are the foundation of the structure.

The Walkways, Tunnels & Ponds

A person standing next to the pond at Opus 40 in Saugerties NY

Opus 40 is an amazing work of art. The way this work of art was created offers an extraordinary experience around every corner.

Full of walkways, tunnels and statues, this quiet stone sanctuary is a perfect place for exploration.

Tips For An Amazing Visit to Opus 40: An Unbelievable Hudson Valley Sculpture Park

> Wear comfortable shoes.

> There are picnic benches, so bring your lunch.

> The area is not shaded. Because of this, it is recommended that you bring bug spray, sunscreen, a rain jacket, hat. Shop these favorites HERE.

> Follow these tips to explore the Hudson Valley without feeling unprepared.

A boy walking through the tunnels of Opus 40 in Saugerties
This Hudson Valley Sculpture Park also has statues in different areas of the property





Where to Next?

Now that you have learned about Opus 40, let’s see where you should go next…

Map Key for the Hudson Valley Exploring Map

Until the Next Adventure…

A Photographic Visit to Opus 40: Hudson Valley Sculpture Park