New York Renaissance Faire Events:
How to Have the Best Day Ever!

Ever dream of being a pirate or time travel? You can do all that during the New York Renaissance Faire Events Weekends that take place during the season.

The Wonder and the Magic of the Annual New York Renaissance Faire only comes around once a year. One may say that this yearly festival is only for those children or those who love fantasy.

But this by far my favorite Hudson Valley festival and is more than a festival full of magical and mystical creatures.

It’s a day of fun the whole family will love.

This Premier Medieval Festival in NY hosts thousands of visitors each and every year.

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Things to Know before you go to the NY Renaissance Faire:

  • The Renaissance Faire is a seasonal event and only takes place from August through the beginning of October
    • Weekends only & Labor Day Monday
  • The New York Renaissance Faire discount tickets can be purchased on their website.
  • NY Ren Faire tickets can also be purchased at the event at the Box Office, conveniently located at the entrance
  • This annual event is wonderful for both adults and children.
  • The event is rain or shine
  • There is a lot of walking involved, so prepare with comfy walking shoes.
  • General Parking is always FREE and a shuttle bus is offered from the free parking lots to the gate
  • Preferred Parking close to the front gate is available for $15
  • It is a popular event and can get crowded
  • Make sure to check out which New York Renaissance Faire Events are happening on your weekend of choice.

My first visit was when I was a teenager and the memory of walking onto the grounds of the festival and passing by all the ‘shops’ in the Renaissance Faire Village and the excitement of watching the Joust stayed with me.

New York Renaissance Faire Events

These wonderful activities left a lasting impression and I have since visited several times and have had a wonderful day each and every time.

Here are some tips on how to have the best day ever at the New York Renaissance Faire.

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Visiting the NY Renaissance Faire:

Open Saturdays, Sundays, & Labor Day
August 21st, 2021 – October 3rd, 2021
10 am – 7 pm
ADVANCE TICKETS: $23.50 (Adult); $12.00 (Child)
ADULTS: $29.95; CHILD (5-12 yrs old): $15; SENIORS (62 YRS+)/MILITARY: $25.95

New York Renaissance Faire Events

What is the NY Renaissance Faire?

This yearly event is a blend of food, music, performances, rides, shops and so much more…

If you thought that the NY Ren Faire was the same thing weekend-after-weekend, then you are mistaken. Every weekend, guests marvel at the different themes, activities and New York Renaissance Faire events that take place.

Flag from the New York Renaissance Faire

Check their schedule online, before you make your plans, so you can join in on all the fun during a weekend that has a theme you’d enjoy.

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Here is a list of the New York Renaissance Faire Events & Theme Weekends:

New York Renaissance Faire Events and Theme Weekends
  • Time Traveler’s Weekend
    • Fantasy Saturday
      • Costume Contest
      • Fantasy Team Trivia
    • Steampunk Sunday
      • Costume Contest
      • Out of Time Photo Hunt
      • Mustache Contest
    • Barbarian Monday
      • Marketplace Parade
      • Costume Contest
      • Kids’ Thumb Wrestling Contest
  • Pirate Weekend
    • Costume Contest
    • Shantyfest
    • Beard Contest
    • Pirate Joke Contest
New York Renaissance Faire Events

As you can see from the list above, costume contests are a HUGE deal. Renaissance Faire Costumes are very popular.

People really go all-out when planning and dressing for the Faire and for the New York Renaissance Faire Events!

Fairy at one of the New York Renaissance Faire Events

There is a wonderful sense of community when the visitors get dressed up for the occasion.

If you’d like to dress up but don’t want the expense of buying an outfit, you can always rent one there at the Belrose Costume Rental Shop (located in the Faire)

Wagon rentals are also available at the Belrose Costume Rental Shop.

New York Renaissance Faire Events

Where is Renaissance Faire Held?

The Renaissance Faire is held in Sterling Forest State Park in Tuxedo, NY in Orange County, NY.

It is easily accessed from the NY State Thruway taking the exit for Harriman/Woodbury Commons and approximately 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

New York Renaissance Faire

When does the Faire take place?

The Renaissance Faire takes place only on Weekends from August to October. It is also open Labor Day Monday.

Because this annual event also falls during the local Apple-Picking season, make sure you allow plenty of extra travel time for traffic.

This is a popular event and is typically crowded. Visitors should plan for a visit of several hours (up to 4-5 hours to see & experience everything). The earlier you arrive, the less crowded it will be.

Advance Tickets are good for any day the Faire is open during that season.
Members of the Military and Seniors (62+ yrs) receive $4 off a full-price ticket.

Things to do at the NY Renaissance Faire

#1: Roselawn Tournament Field

Watch the:

  • Royal Joust
  • Joust to the Death
Horseman at the Joust at the NY Renaissance Faire

#2: Stages, Stages and more Stages

Take in several shows ranging from magic to sword throwing…

  • Fools Stage
  • Fortune Stage
  • Music Pavilion
  • Pageant Wagon Stage
  • Peacock Pavilion
  • Sherwood Forest Stage
  • Storybook Stage
  • Teatro Del Sol Stage
  • Tudor Rose Stage
New York Renaissance Faire Events
New York Renaissance Faire Events

#3: Take a walk on Robin Hood’s Bridge and kiss a loved one

#4: Meet the fairies around the grounds

New York Renaissance Faire Events
New York Renaissance Faire Events

#5: Penny Lane

Shop for items:

  • Made by talented artisans (soaps, hats, wooden shields, jewelry, candles, and more…)
New York Renaissance Faire Events

#6: Games & Rides

(There is an additional charge for rides and games)

  • Human-powered rides (Sea Dragon Swing, The Pirate’s Fleet, etc.)
  • Games of Skills (Chinese Crossbow, Axe Throwing, Test of Strength, etc)
  • Camel Rides
Dragon Swing is one of the best New York Renaissance Faire Events

#7: Chess Board

Watch the:

  • Living Chess Match
  • Royal Chess Match

#8: Maypole

Have a great time watching:

  • Village Maypole Dances

#9: Food and Drinks

(For an additional charge)
Feast At:

  • Boar’s Den
  • Cantina Quixote
  • Bakery
  • and more…
New York Renaissance Faire Events

Essential Tips for an Amazing visit to the NY Renaissance Faire and for an Epic Time at the New York Renaissance Faire Events

What to Wear at the NY Renaissance Faire:

  • Make sure to check the weather and dress for the expected weather that day. That includes bringing ponchos, umbrellas or any other necessary gear.
  • Comfortable clothes are recommended and very comfortable shoes.

New York Renaissance Faire Events


– Depending on the weather, sunblock and also a hat will be necessary. Many areas of the Faire are not shaded, particularly Roselawn Tournament Field (where the Joust takes place).

Sitting on a thrown at the NY Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire is located at Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, NY.

Visitors should plan for a visit of several hours.
For current hours of admission, pricing and information, please check their website.

Jackie and the Fairy at the New York Renaissance Festival

More Things to do Near the Renaissance Faire:

Until the Next Adventure…

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