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Alpaca Farm Spotlight: Lilymoore Alpaca Farm

Have you ever visited an alpaca farm? Yes, an alpaca farm.

My daughter is a huge fan of alpacas, so for her high school graduation, we decided to gift her an alpaca experience she would never forget instead of something she’d push to the side and let collect dust.

I had already become acquainted with Lilymoore Alpaca Farm in Pleasant Valley, NY through their Facebook and Instagram feed and was happy to see that they had begun offering their ‘Alpaca Trek’ once again for the season.

What I found was that this was not only an entertaining and memorable experience, but also an educational one due to the hard work and dedication of the owner, Diana.

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Visiting Lilymoore Alpaca Farm

By appointment only
Behind the Scenes Farm Tour – $11.95 – $16.95
Alpaca Fiber Farm Tour – $11.95 – $16.95
Group Trek – $45
Private Trek – $120
Private Farm Tour – $120

alpaca farm

Things to Know before your visit to Lilymoore Alpaca Farm:

  • Tours, Treks and Visits should all be scheduled through the website.
  • Appointments are needed prior to a visit.
  • They offer both Private Tours of the Farm, as well as, and Group/Private Alpaca Treks.
  • Please note that the farm is only open to people with tickets.
  • To get their latest news and be the first to know about any special event, make sure to sign up for their newsletter!
  • Gift certificates and gift cards may be purchased on their website and make the perfect gift.

What is Lilymoore Alpaca Farm?

Lilymoore is a unique place with many adorable alpacas, several horses, a llama and poultry and so many more that are thrilled to call this place home.

The love for alpacas and for her farm radiate from the owner, Diana, as she welcomes all visitors to the farm to meet her alpacas and other amazing animals. Her enthusiasm for these lovely animals shows from the beginning of the visit to the end.

Not only does she adore each and every animals on her farm, you can see that the feeling is mutual. They are so happy to see her as she walks closer to them and excitedly wait their turn to be addressed and given ‘cookies’.

This alpaca farm offers the opportunity for you to learn about alpacas through farm tours or the Alpaca Buddy Program (more about that below).

Lilymoore alpaca farm

Where is the alpaca farm?

Lilymoore Alpaca Farm is located in Pleasant Valley, NY. Located in Dutchess County, NY, this alpaca farm can be found off of the Taconic State Parkway, north of I-84.

If you’re not sure where Pleasant Valley, NY is, it’s north of Lagrangeville, NY.

This part of Dutchess County is full of farms and is a great place to visit.

The Ultimate Guide to Dutchess County
Reference this Ultimate Guide to Dutchess County when researching different counties within the region. I include a list of counties, as well as, some of the towns/cities located within each county.

About Lilymoore Alpaca Farm:

Diane and her family purchased a 1840’s farm and created a magical place from the ground up. Renovating the abandoned farm was no easy task but the vision of what it would be motivated them to make it the wonderful place it is today.

According to the website, the herd is now at 27 alpacas, 2 huarizos and 2 llamas and growing. With acres of farmland, friendly animals and an amazing gift shop, this is a great place to visit.

Diana knows each one by name and knows their personalities all too well. She is specific in their likes, dislikes and their needs. While some are more independent, others really look for and love her attention. This is the recipe for a family-run farm full of happy alpacas.

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What can you do at Lilymoore Alpaca Farm?

#1: Schedule a Farm Visit to Take a Tour or a Trek

Please note that reservations/appointments are needed before visiting the farm.

The following activities take place on this special alpaca farm:

  • Behind the Scenes Farm Tours – this one-hour tour is a wonderful opportunity to learn all about the farm and the animals that live there. It is both educational and entertaining. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with the animals and learn all about them.
  • Group Trek / Alpaca Buddy Program – Walk the beautiful farm side-by-side a charming alpaca. The groups are small and a tour guide remains with the group throughout the entire walk.
  • Private Trek /Alpaca Buddy Program – If you’d prefer a private trek, then this is the activity for you! You can have from 2 to 8 people in your group and along with the tour guide, this will be an experience you will never forget.

Visits to the do not have to only be for couples or families, arrangements can also be made to visit the farm with:

  • Tour Buses
  • School Field Trips
  • Camps
  • Senior Groups
  • and more…

Booking a tour or trek is super easy. You can book directly through this link: BOOK YOUR VISIT

Lilymoore alpaca farm

#2: Visit the Farm Store

Lilymoore Alpaca Farm is the leader in the sale of products made from alpaca fiber. The products are extremely soft and hypo-allergenic and perfect for anyone in your family.

The Farm Boutique has a fascinating assortment of products. From keychains to hats, blankets and socks – all made from alpaca fiber. This is the small farm store where you can find something unique for yourself or as a gift.

Some items and home goods offered include:

  • Baby booties, hats and blankets
  • Alpaca socks and beanies
  • Children’s hats, gloves, socks and toys
  • Large alpaca blankets
  • Paintings and prints of alpacas, dryer balls, baskets and more…

The farm store is open:
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am – 3pm to the general public
Saturday and Sunday to the Trek and Farm Tour Guests

In addition to their physical store, their products can also be found and purchased through their online store.

alpaca farm store

#3: Visit the Dreaming of a Chance Farm Animal Sanctuary

In addition to the alpaca farm, the property also houses a large variety of rescued poultry. The Dreaming of a Chance Farm Animal Sanctuary is mainly run by Diana’s daughter, Tiffany.

The love and commitment to rescuing animals is a commitment they have made and the sanctuary showcases their dedication to these precious animals.

A visit to the animal sanctuary is a lesson in unconditional love and will educate you about the lucky poultry that call this place home.

animal sanctuary at the alpaca farm

Group Trek Experience at Lilymoore Alpaca Farm

If your looking for a first-rate and extremely unique experience then I recommend visiting Lilymoore Alpaca Farm.

As previously stated, I purchased a ticket for my daughter to do an alpaca trek. After leaving, she tried convincing me to buy our own alpacas…

The attention to each guest is impeccable and the experience extraordinary. It’s no wonder that they were the winner of the TripAdvisor 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award.

alpaca farm walk

Although not open year round, Lilymoore Alpaca Farm is a great place to visit during warmer and Summer months.

Have a wonderful time with these wonderful animals with a visit to LilyMoore Alpaca Farm!

Alpaca Facts:

  • There are no wild alpacas in the United States and alpaca farmers take great pride in breeding these adorable and docile animals.
  • They are herd animals and need other alpacas to thrive.
  • Alpaca breeders are usually involved in alpaca farming for their soft wool, which are used for a variety of alpaca products.
  • The main difference between alpaca breed is their wool-like fibers.
    • Suri alpacas have very long fibers
    • Huacaya alpacas have more compact fibers
  • Alpaca fleece is a luxurious fiber and makes the finest alpaca products such as: Alpaca Socks, hats, gloves, blankets and so much more…

Tips for a Successful Visit to Lilymoore Alpaca Farm:

  • Be sure to make a reservation and/or appointment before making a trip to the farm
  • Be sure to take lots of photos of your visit.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. It is a working farm, so closed-toe shoes are recommended. I love these here
  • The Alpaca Buddy Program / Treks are perfect for adults and children ages 9 and older. This is not a good activity for younger children.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the alpaca farm, only service animals.
  • Make sure to arrive earlier than your time slot. Tours and Treks begin on time.

21 Moore Road
Pleasant Valley, NY


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