iPhoneography: 15+ Quick Tips for Outstanding Photos

Are you a beginner photographer and love to take photos with your iPhone?  Are you someone who is ready to take their photos to the next level? Here are 15+ Quick and Easy Photography Tips to improve your iPhoneography.

These tips will be sure to make your next set of photos spectacular!

Taking photos with your iPhone can be a fun and inexpensive hobby and also an easy way to capture wonderful memories. 

IPhoneography tips and how to take your best photos yet.

Getting Started with iPhoneography

iPhoneography is the action of taking pictures with your iPhone Camera. I cannot think of a better way to capture the beauty of the places we visit and the things we see every day.

It’s easy to get started with some guidance and inexpensive and free iPhone photography apps. You probably already have some of these apps on your phone. But if you need help finding some favorites, take a look at this article here.

To be honest: Taking pictures with your phone comes naturally to some people. These people just pick up their phone and take amazing photos each and every time.

Others need a little guidance and that’s why I’m here to help you with your iPhoneography.

The best camera is the one that's with you. iPhoneography quote

As a person who LOVES iPhoneography, I spend most of my days taking photos of my surroundings. iPhoneography has been my go-to method for capturing all the photos on this blog.

DSLR Cameras are heavy and bulky. It’s hard to really enjoy an outing when you’re constantly worrying about the camera you are lugging around. My old Canon Rebel and Nikon cameras now sit in their cases, in my closet, collecting dust.

I’m always excited to learn ways of improving my iPhoneography and will update this post each time I figure out something new.

How can I improve my iPhoneography? (Practical Advice)

As a person who takes tons and tons of photographs with my iPhone, I can tell you right now, that question is not always easy to answer.

My advice to you is:

  • Practice is key.
  • Don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures.
  • Try different things and see what works for you.

Everybody’s style is different.

Some people love Macro photography, while others love Portraits and others love nature and landscape photography. So the basic principle is that you keep taking photos until you find what you enjoy most.

Tips & Tricks for iPhoneography

There is no one way to get better at your photography, especially as a beginner. Beginners are probably the easiest group of people to teach, though, as they are eager to learn what’s ‘right’. They don’t have to be re-trained to use features and equipment and are not yet set in their ways as photographers.

Beginner iPhone Photo Tips/iPhoneography 101

Tip #1:

Hold your phone with both hands and make sure your hands are steady while taking the photograph.

Any slight movement with the phone will result in a blurred or lopsided photo. To avoid this altogether, keep your arms close to your body instead of extended out in front of you. (See below)

iPhone Photography Tip #1: Holding your phone with both hands will keep the phone steady

Tip #2: 

Use the volume buttons to take a photo. Don’t just use the button on the camera screen.

As I mentioned in Tip #1, any movement of your arms and hands during the picture taking process may blur the image.

To minimize this, I suggest using the ‘Volume Up’ button to take the photo. It’s like the shutter button on a regular camera. Same concept, same result.  (See above)

Tip #3: 

Make sure your lens is clean. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE!

It seems like a silly thing to tell you guys, but anything on your lens will affect the picture quality. Since our phones are typically in our hands or in our pockets, smudges often interfere with getting a clear, crips picture. These microfiber cloths are perfect to always keep your lens free of fingerprints & smudges.

Tip #4:

*UPDATE: This only works with OLDER iPhones that use a wired headset. This cannot be used for newer phones and AirPods or Wireless Earbuds

Use your earphone volume buttons as a shutter, too.

This is another great alternative to pushing the button on the screen. I use this technique especially when I’m taking photos of people while I’m out and about. This is a great way of getting a candid photo and not be intrusive.

Tip #5: 

Turn off the flash!

I would rather brighten the photo during the editing process instead of using the flash on my phone. The flash on the phone can be harsh on your subject and make the subject appear ‘washed out’. Want to learn how to take photos with natural light? Then read this post by pixpa.com.

How to take really good pictures with your iPhone?

Tip #1:

Get down to the level of the subject.

You may feel silly squatting or lying down to get a photo, but don’t! Changing the perspective makes all the difference sometimes and makes the photo more interesting.

Get down low. This is one of the best iPhone Photography tips

Tip #2:

Don’t zoom in on your subject. It’s always better to take the photo first and then zoom and crop afterward, during the editing process.

Zooming in usually makes the photo pixelated. It’s better to get a sharp photo from farther away than a blurry one.

Dutchess County Fair

Tip #3:

Shoot the picture from different angles. For food photos, it’s always good to take the photo from above.

I prefer taking sideways pics (horizontal) instead of taking them straight at the subject (vertical). Also, looking down at an object or up to the sky, especially for buildings and trees, is always a great option.

If you feel adventurous, take the picture from above a high place looking down. It’s not my cup of tea, but the results can be outstanding!

Taking iPhone photo from above looking down at Sneakers and Autumn leaves.

Tip #4:

Identify the subject of your photo and tap the screen in order to focus on that subject.

The best way to focus on the phone is by tapping the area where the subject is. The camera will then automatically focus on whatever you tapped. You can also adjust the brightness by sliding your finger up or down after tapping the subject.

An ice cram cone with the Hudson River in the background. iPhoneography Tip: Tap the screen to focus on your subject

Tip #5: 

Make sure not to take the photos with the sun directly on your subject.

Too much light on the subject makes the subject look harsh and unflattering. Whenever possible make sure the light is coming from behind.

If you’re indoors, move the subject closer to a window and let the natural light illuminate your subject before taking the photo.

Tip #6:

Pay attention to the background of your photo and avoid any distracting elements.

Any object, like other people, cars, lamp posts, signs can make a great photo less appealing.

iPhoto Photography Tip: Make sure there are so distracting elements behind your subject

Tip #7:

Follow the ‘Rule of Thirds’ to compose your photos. Use the grid feature on the phone and help the grid guide you in framing your photo to make it more interesting and flattering.

Here’s how to do it: On an iPhone, go to Camera App -> Options -> Grid (on).

iPhone Photo Tips that will make your photos outstanding

Tip #8:

Use the correct iPhone photography accessories for the project or photoshoot. (Contains affiliate links)

That being said, don’t spend a ton of money on fancy accessories. A simple, light tripod is a must. And anything else will only be essential when you get better at mastering the basics of photography.

Tip #9:

Try different lenses if you want to go for different looks and feels.

Tip #10:

Use iPhone photo editing apps and/or software.

I use a variety of different apps to take my photos and also to quickly edit photos while I’m out.

While at home, I like to use PicMonkey to edit my photos after I’ve uploaded and stored them safely.

Tip #11:

Take the desired photograph both vertically (up and down) and horizontally (side to side).

I do this with every photo I take and it has made a big difference in my photography journey.

Although I always thought that I would like a photo the way I was initially taking it (horizontal OR vertical), I have been surprised to see that having both perspectives to compare the photo sometimes changes my mind.

Tip #12: 

Don’t forget to get yourself in the photos too.

It is sometimes harder said than done (trust me, I know), but with some imagination and unique tripod, you can up your photography game and be in more than one photo.

Looking for iPhoneography Tutorials?

Looking to quickly edit photos on the go?
I have a great tutorial on how you can easily edit photos using my favorite Editing app.

Man walking by railroad tracks. Easily Edit photos using Snapseed app. This app is ideal for iPhoneography.

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Want to learn how to improve your iPhoneography and take photos that impress others? These tips will help you with your iPhone photography.