Images of Innisfree Garden: A Memorable Afternoon at this Millbrook Garden

My goal this year was to visit as many Hudson Valley outdoor gardens as possible. When I heard that a popular Millbrook garden, Innisfree Garden, was open to the public, I became very excited.

Before my arrival, I had not realized the sheer size of the garden. This Millbrook garden resembles more of a large park/preserve.

My afternoon adventure at Innisfree Garden produced so many images and video that I did not know where to begin in posting this article.

Although Innisfree Garden is open to the public, please follow these guidelines:
Please be safe.
Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and follow all mandates and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control ( and NY State and local Governments.

Chairs looking out to lake at Innisfree Garden. This popular Milbrook garden is a popular place to visit in Dutchess County.

At the time of this posting, you must make a reservation and purchase your time slot ahead of time.

If you’re on the fence about making a visit to Innisfree Garden, then let me convince you with my photographs.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
Intervals – 10am-12pm; 12:30pm-2:30pm; 3pm-5pm
Adults: $10 | Seniors/Children (up to 15yrs): $5

Visiting this popular Millbrook Garden:

The Mist Waterfall at Innisfree Garden is spectacular
Mist Waterfall
A Wooden chair on a hill overlooking the Tyrrel Lake at Innisfree Garden
Chair facing Tyrrel Lake

What is Innisfree Garden?

Innisfree Garden is a beautiful location. Part park, part preserve, part ‘garden’, this immensely popular 185-acre garden is jewel in Dutchess County, NY.

This Millbrook garden is perfect for:

  • taking a long walk
  • exploring
  • picture taking
  • sitting and relax

> Innisfree Garden is situated on a large piece of property so prepare yourself for a lot of walking.
> This Millbrook garden is open seasonally
> There is ample parking onsite

1. Tickets must be purchased in ADVANCE. They are not sold at the gate
2. When purchasing tickets you can choose a 2-hour time block
3. You must wear a mask while in the gardens
4. Social distancing is mandatory
5. Picnicking is NOT allowed
6. Parts of Innisfree garden is one-way. Signs are posted and there are staff to assist.

Where is This Amazing Garden?

Before I showcase the photos I took and where the best spots to take photos are, let’s get into where exactly this place is.

Innisfree Garden is located in Millbrook, NY in Dutchess County.

362 Tyrrel Road
Millbrook, NY 12545

Close to Pleasant Valley, NY, this Millbrook garden is an extraordinary place. It is located 4 miles from the Taconic State Parkway.

Panoramic Photo of Tyrrel Lake at Innisfree Garden

About this Asian-Style Millbrook Garden

Of all the open spaces I have visited in the Hudson Valley, Innisfree garden definitely feels the most open and ready to be explored (if that makes any sense).

Due to its expansive grounds (185-acres), this is a place that is best enjoyed and explored with time of your side. There is so much to see that I’m sure several visits are needed in order to ingest it all.

The history to this place is mesmerizing:

In the late 1920s, Walter Beck and his wife, avid gardener and heiress Marion Burt Beck, began work on Innisfree, their country residence in Millbrook, New York. Walter Beck’s fascination with Asian art influenced his painting, the collecting he and his wife pursued, and their ideas on garden design.

Each area of Innisfree Garden was thoughtfully planned and their shared love for the space is evident.

In general, there are probably a few things that attract people to Innisfree Garden, but honestly, after this visit, there is no doubt that I will be making a return visit.

Walking up stone steps to another level at Innisfree Garden in Millbrook, NY
Walking up stone steps at Innisfree Garden

Places to Explore & Images of Innisfree Garden

If you’re looking for a list of other gardens and open spaces in the Hudson Valley, I promise to get that done for you. I am in the process of putting together a list of the best outdoor places to visit.

In this article I want to focus on what you can expect to see and what spots to take wonderful photos when visiting Innisfree Garden.

Tyrrel Lake

The view of the large lake at Innisfree Garden in Dutchess County, NY
A view of the lake from the southern part of the property

Tyrrel Lake is the centerpiece of this magnificent Millbrook garden. Every feature created at the garden has been placed surrounding the lake.

Upon walking down the path from the parking lot, I veered to the left and spotted some wooden lounge chairs facing the lake.

I also took a photo of the lake from The Point where the Turtle, Dragon & Owl Rocks are situated.

Mist Waterfall

A peek at the mist waterfall from the walking path at Innisfree Garden.
Path leading to the Mist Waterfall (on the right)

I didn’t expect to see a mist waterfall while walking along the one-way path through the garden.

timber bridge

The timber bridge on the property of Innisfree Garden

Middle Terrace & Brick Terrace

People enjoying the day from the brick terrace at Innisfree Garden in Millbrook, NY
This multi-level terrace showcases the beauty of the property

Channel Crossing

The Channel Crossing at Innisfree Garden connects one part of the property with another

For me, the Channel Crossing across the lake was my favorite part to take photos on. We were lucky enough to see a large turtle in the water as we crossed from one side to another.

I love the simplicity of it all. How it connects two areas without being overdone. It’s primitive beauty is captivating.

The Point

The Point at Innisfree Garden in Millbrook, NY
The Point looks directly across to the Channel Crossing

Camera Gear for Photography at Innisfree Garden

If you know my work and the photographs on my website, you know that I exclusively use my iPhone (iPhone XR for this visit) for all the photos.

During this visit I used the following items/apps:

  • Mini-Tripod
  • Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone
  • iPhone case with Pop Socket

Tips for a Successful Visit to this Exceptional Garden:

> Wear comfortable shoes. The ground you must cover to see it all is substantial, there are plenty of stone steps and the terrain is uneven. I had a day without incident wearing my go-to sneakers.
> There are plenty of seats where you can sit and take a break.
> Be mindful of others around you. Social distancing is a must!
> Best time to enjoy the property is in the morning before it gets too hot, especially if you are visiting with children.
> There is a lot of shade at the garden, but it is always a good idea to bring a hat and sunblock on sunnier days.

362 Tyrrel Road
Millbrook, NY 12545
(845) 677-8000


Where to Next???

Now that you have experienced some of Innisfree Garden, let’s see where you should go next…

Map Key for the Hudson Valley Exploring Map

Until the Next Adventure…

Images of Innisfree Garden: A Memorable Afternoon at this Millbrook Garden


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