Hudson Valley Farm and Flea:
Take an Insider’s Look

Don’t you love it when people combine their passion for the arts with building a stronger community?
That’s precisely what Laurie Perrone envisioned when she created the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea Event.

This premiere event takes place once a year, currently at Museum Village in Monroe, and it is not to be missed.

Decorated eggs at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

Come take a look and see for yourself why the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea at Museum Village, in Monroe, is the place to be and the place to do your shopping to support local farms and makers.

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Visiting the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

Things to Know Before Attending the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea:

  • There is a $5.00 Admission Fee to the Events
  • Children under 12 yrs old are free
  • Tickets may be purchased on the website
  • Parking is free
  • The Event takes place this year (2021) in October
  • The event had been previously cancelled for the 2020 Season

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What is Hudson Valley Farm and Flea?

Before my visit to the event in 2019, I had the privilege of speaking to the person behind this wonderful event, Laurie Perrone.

During our talk, Laurie said the following to me: “I started this event because I thought we were missing this level of shopping in the area.”

And I agree!

Since then, Laurie and I have remain in touch and have worked together in promoting the event for 2021.

Shoppers at the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea
Hudson Valley Farm and Flea 2019

This love for the Hudson Valley’s local makers, artisans, collectors, creators and farmers was the seed that was planted that became the Annual Events called The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea

Upon arriving at the event, her desire to spotlight the talent and hard work of Hudson Valley artists, creators, farmers and designers is evident.

The room is filled completely with tables and friendly faces that show off the sense of community you can feel throughout the Hudson Valley. 

Where does the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea take place? 

The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea had taken place in 2019 at the Motorcyclepdia Museum in Newburgh, NY. 

Since then the venue has changed to Museum Village in Monroe, NY and is now an outdoor event.

Museum Village is a unique venue and adds to the atmosphere of this wonderful event.

About Museum Village

The history of Museum Village is one of the reasons this particular property is special.

Roscoe William Smith was passionate about American history and was an avid collector of Americana. His collection varied widely, from textiles and porcelain items to horse-drawn carriages. His main interest was in craft tools and mechanical devices: their invention, adaptation, and development which he realized were slowly disappearing.

Roscoe William Smith had a vision to display these artifacts and educate visitors. He opened the doors to Museum Village in 1950.

The museum is located on Route 17M, Monroe in Orange County, NY. It offers a convenient location for many that travel, near and far, to see the excellent assortment of vendors offered at this event. 

Museum Village can be assessed from the NY State Thruway (I-87). A quick in an out from any point North or South of Monroe, NY.

The patrons of the event consist of people from the immediate area and from the surrounding communities of the Hudson Valley.  The support of local business is abundant and the feeling of strong community over competition is also present at this event.

According to their website:

“This event will create a place where people can come to enjoy local products and be immersed in a total Hudson Valley lifestyle experience.”

When does it take place?

New to 2021, The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea take place once this year – October.

Because of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the event was also moved from indoors to outside.

Hudson Valley Farm and Flea Pottery Vendor

Is the Farm & Flea Free?

No, the Farm & Flea Event is not Free. There is a $5 admission fee to all patrons.

Children under 12 years old are Free, though, and there is Free parking on the premises.

What Makes the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea a Unique Event?

The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea is a unique event in Orange County, NY, as it embraces community, diversity and exceptional products made right here in our backyard.

Which vendors are part of the Event? 

The Vendor Spotlight for 2021

1857 Vodka (Spirits)

According to their website, “Since 1857, six generations of the Barber family have farmed dairy and produce in the heart of the Schoharie Valley—the breadbasket of the Revolutionary War. As one of the only American distilleries growing its own potatoes and using its own spring water, the superlative quality of our ingredients produces only the finest vodka, and the Barber family tradition of excellence continues.”

Aliza Eliazarov (Photography)

According to her website, “Aliza is a photographer and author. Her book On the Farm – Heritage & Heralded Animal Breeds in Portraits & Stories was published by Ten Speed Press in 2020 along with 3 calendars published by Workman Press. She was honored to have been selected by the USPS to photograph a series of 2021 U.S. Postal Stamps featuring portraits of heritage breed farm animals.”

Awestruck Ciders

Awestruck Ciders (Cider)

According to their website, “Co-Founders Casey Vitti and Patti Wilcox spent years as vagabond globe-trotters before Awestruck was even a spark of an idea. On these journeys they discovered a great deal: the profound delightful ness of fermented fruit juices; the fine art of sleeping in hammocks; and that human beings are at their core, mostly very good. In tasting different regional drinks and foods they also learned that what really makes something good is how it makes you feel. This sparked their mission to create a product that would captivate people, stop them in their tracks and show them a glimpse of fun and discovery. With each and every cider we make we aim to do just that.”

Biti Besha Jewelry (Jewelry)

According to their Facebook Page, “How we got our name: Biti: Serbian word “to be” Besha: An endearing Spanish word for Beautiful. Together creates our company Biti Besha “Be Beautiful”, Multicultural.”
“Fine Hand Crafted Designs: Using Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones & Sterling Silver & Gold”.
They also have an Etsy shop.

Biti Besha Jewelry
Beacon TinType

Beacon Tintype (Photography)

According to their website, “Beacon Tintype is a wet plate collodian portrait studio in the Hudson Valley. We make heirloom, handmade portraits on tin (tintypes) and glass (ambrotypes) in a 19th century technique that is hauntingly timeless and incredibly archival. These one of a kind objects are meant to be handed down for generations.”

Bisoo (Soap)

According to their website, “Bisoo was born out of a period of exploration in advanced manufacturing, and in particular manufacturing with sustainable and degradable materials. During this period of learning, I had a baby daughter at home who was coming into the age where she wanted to try everything, from Mommy’s 3D printer to Mommy’s lip balms. My higher awareness of the consciousness of materials and products we touch and trust every day coalesced into Bisoo.”

Catskill Merino Farm (Farmer)

According to their website, “Catskill Merino is a woman-owned, small farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. We raise Saxon Merino sheep that produce superfine merino wool that we sell both online and at Greenmarkets in NYC. Every purchase makes a difference on a small farm. We love our sheep and know you will love their wool!”

Claychic Expressions (Ceramics)

According to her Facebook Page, “have been a ceramic artist for the past 10 years and along the way I decided to become a certified art teacher and most recently an art therapist. I teach ceramics to kids and teens around the Hudson Valley and I also sell and exhibit my artwork in different locations. It is my passion to teach all ages about pottery and various arts and to also use my art skills in a therapeutic environment. Contact me if you are interested in art lessons, art therapy sessions or if you would like to buy ceramics and/or commission me to make something! If you would like to book a lesson or commission artwork, I’m available by appointment either in person or by phone.”
“I’m an artist, art teacher and art therapist. Orders can be placed here through PM or visit

ClayChic Expressions
Cooper's Daughters Spirits

Cooper’s Daughter (Spirits)

According to their website, “Cooper’s Daughter Spirits at Olde York Farm is a woman-owned and family operated distillery and cooperage located along the Claverack Creek. Grain and fruit used for distillation are grown right here in the Hudson Valley to make seasonal batch spirits. Our distillery is part of the historic Jacob Rutsen van Rensselaer House & Mill complex. Today our distillery and cooperage resides in Rensselaer’s former carriage house. Our handmade barrels, made on site, are used to age our bourbon and whiskey. On weekends, we are serving cocktails, local beer, wine, and cider in our Cocktail Garden and hosting food truck pop ups.”

Cold Moon Curiosities (Vintage)

According to Michelle Governale’s website, “She started selling vintage and antique pieces when she happened upon an estate sale nearly 10 years ago and just wanted an excuse to buy things she thought were interesting and beautiful. She appreciates the history and soul of each item and strives to give it new purpose with its buyers. She’s a strong believer in reusing and recycling old materials as to help stop waste.
Now in addition to her real estate career, she is the founder and owner of Cold Moon Curiosities, located at the Newburgh Vintage Warehouse. You can find her booth on “dowling street” (the second to last aisle) at 10 Route 17K, Newburgh, NY.”

Deep Earth Pottery

Deep Earth Designs (Ceramics)

According to her Facebook Page, “Rachel is a Hudson Valley Potter. You can find her creations at craft fairs, local shops, studio visits by appointment and through her Etsy Shop.”

Erik Garnjost (Artist)

According to his Facebook Page, “Erik is a Watercolorist, Painter, Master Craftsman, Custom Boat Builder and Creator of beautiful things. “

Erik Garnjost

Farm2Fashion (Fashion)

According to Laurie Perrone’s website, “Nestled at the foot of the Catskills Mountains in a community of artisans and craftspeople, our intimate “American-Made” company neighbors with farmers, innovators and factory owners who all share a mission of substance and sustainability.
Beautifully crafted, each heirloom-quality Farm2Fashion design recalls my early love of handmade products that we know will last a lifetime.”

FarmBody (Beauty)

According to the website, “My bath & body shop is located in the heart of the black dirt region of the Hudson Valley, New York; rich in agriculture and hardworking people. Since 2006, I’ve been crafting wholesome skincare products to help people with allergies, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and the effects of chemotherapy. In all, we have over 30 products in the shop available, if you’re ever in Middletown, stop by at the Emporium Square Artisan Market and say hello.”

FarmBody Skincare
Grant House Press

Grant House Press (Cards)

According to their Facebook Page, “Grant House Press is located on a small chicken farm. Maybe we always wanted to be a big farm – hence the number of farm animals seen in our prints! We love making cards, broadsides, coasters, books, pamphlets – almost any format for pushing ink into paper. We have a shop with 5 different presses – all manually operated. The best part of letterpress printing is that while a single run of cards or broadsides will be alike, no two will be exactly identical because of the nature of hand printing.” They also have an Etsy Store.

Hamov Eh (Food)

According to their website, “Meaning ‘delicious’ in Armenian, Hamov Eh is a love letter to my grandmother, bringing you flavors reminiscent of Armenian comfort food (well, my version of it, anyway) and other dishes inspired by my time traveling + in the kitchen. I hope you’ll enjoy Hamov Eh, and give it a home in your kitchen for years to come.”

Hazel and Hudson (Vintage)

According to their website, “Hazel and Hudson is rescuing little bits of history… one piece of weathered wood, rust metal and forgotten object at a time.”

Hudson Valley Explored (HV Merchandise & Resources)

According to the website, “This Hudson Valley Blog and Website was created specifically for those who want to learn all about this beautiful region of New York State. By offering digital resources and Hudson Valley Merchandise, the goal is to help others discover more in the Hudson Valley while looking great doing so.”

Hudson Valley Explored
Imagine Cookies

Imagine Cookie Company (Cookie)

According to their website, “We are proud to offer custom made cookies for any event or occasion. Orders are custom made to your request and are beautifully packaged either individually or on a platter. Allow us to cater the dessert table at your next event, or provide party favors for your guests.”

Jennifer Hoertz (Milliner)

According to her website, “Jennifer’s millinery expertise highlights the elegance of her London training combined with her unique modern sensibility, while her choice of fabrics and attention to detail illustrate her artistry. Hand blocked shapes of organic wool and straw, modest vintage and modern trims, stitching and grosgrain are the details of Jennifer Hoertz Millinery. Each hat is hand-crafted and designed to be comfortable and wearable, allowing the wearer to create her own style and image in a hat. She wears the hat, the hat does not wear her.”

JJ Jewelry Designs (Jewelry)

According to their Facebook Page, “Genuine gemstone, handmade jewelry made with the spiritual meanings of the stones in mind.” They also have an Etsy Store.

Jodi Funck Andrews (Artist)

According to her Facebook Page, “I am Jodi Funck Andrews, an artist that does murals, Tromp L’oeil, faux finishes and fine art through my company Brushworks . I have been doing this for many years and have many photos I would like to share. Sometimes I will post how to’s or show start to finish works. I learned how to paint many specialty finishes working as a scenic artist painting for many Broadway shows and events.”

Jodi Funck Andrews

Krupnikas (Spirits)

According to their website, “Krupnikas! It’s a strange word to wrap your lips around at first. But once the warm, sweet, and spicy taste of this fine honey liqueur runs its course through your senses, you’ll understand why such a special drink deserves an unusual name. In 2012, we became the first distillery to produce Krupnikas in the US. It has since become the flagship product of The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company and is available in 10 states and online.”

Katrin Reifeiss (Clothing)

According to her website, “Katrin Reifeiss is a made-to-order and small batch collection all with forever in mind. Each item is hand-dyed or hand-painted and produced in my studio in Beacon. My mission is to create timeless pieces that do not adhere closely to a specific trend or season rather focusing on simple, relaxed silhouettes that complement and showcase the handmade pattern. Buy something you love, wear it forever and know your clothes were created by me.”

Koqui Fiber Arts (Macrame)

According to the website, “Danielle Barry-Gass is a fiber artist. Custom pieces are designed to fill your space with character, color, and happiness. Each hand knotted wall hanging is made to your specifications- everything from color to size, shape, and style.”

Knit in Color (Knitwear)

According to the company page in Doorstep Market, “Knit in Color features colorful hand knit items for adults and children. I am inspired by creating great color combinations from beautiful high quality yarns. All of my products are handmade by me in the beautiful Hudson Valley in my little house overlooking the Catskill Mountains.”

Little Four Store (Fashion)

According to the website, “Just doing my thing one stitch at a time. Whether it’s high waisted undies or quilted pillows, it’s all made with love in my Catskill New York studio.” They also have an Etsy shop.

MakeRukus Press (Ceramics)

According to their Facebook Page, “MakeRuckus Press embodies everything I am as a Maker. All that makes me, and my art, is cacophonous: audibly, visually, experientially.”

Mankynd’s Own Lush Body Butta (Skincare)

According to their website, “Since our first day in business, Mankynd’s Own Lush Body Butta has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget.”

Mary’s Dream Studio (Kids)

According to the company page in Doorstep Market, “Each little Dream Owl uses its sweet rhyming bedtime story (printed on its back so you never have to worry about losing the story), its handy belly pocket and precious scrolls to help children and parents navigate bedtime. Dream Owls Help children and parents: cope with their fears, soothe their hurts, Handle bad dreams, Calm them for restful sleep, Listen to everything they are trusted with, Keep lost teeth safe until the Toothfairy arrives (they are very good friends actually), Help with separation anxiety with the use of ” how many sleeps” card system, Provide parents a precious written record of the most important things on their children’s minds. The children’s scrolls are truly a wonderful keepsake and natural parenting aid.” She also has an Etsy Shop.

Mes Thes (Beauty)

According to their website, “Mes Thés (pronounced May Tea) means my teas in French. At Mes Thés, we believe that beauty is an interconnection between mind, body, and soul. We promise to give you high quality holistic, tea-based products that allow you to nurture your body from head to toe. Everything in our products is on the label!”

M Starr Studio (Ceramics)

According to their website, “I create pieces that explore whimsical, repeatable and meaningful pattern. Work that is greater than the sum of its parts. My process includes carving through black slip to white porcelain clay below. All white ceramic pieces have hand-carved texture and pattern. The pots are finished with simple matte white or matte black glaze. I work out of my home studio in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State. All ceramics pieces are made by me from conception through the final glaze firing and packaging for delivery.”

Off the Wheat (Baked Goods)

According to their website, “Specializing in sweet and savory wheat-free baked goods with the finest farm-to-table ingredients. Blaine’s decadent gluten free flour is a blend she developed herself consisting of almond, coconut, cassava and gluten free oat flours. This magical combination is used as a 1 for 1 substitute for regular, cake and whole wheat flours. This unique blend creates healthy, low carb, high fiber and delicious baked goods. Blaine’s ingredients are fair-trade and organic and are sourced from animal-welfare approved farms.”

Postage Stamp Jewelry (Jewelry)

According to the Etsy Page, “Erica is a Hudson Valley Artist from Nyack, NY. Her adventure began a few years ago after discovering a box of stamps at a local tag sale. She was compelled to breathe new life into the beautiful squares of paper that have traveled from places across the globe and began making jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade from a vintage, cancelled postage stamp, and your wearing will add miles to its travels!” She has an Etsy Shop.

Rob’s Roasters (Coffee)

According to their Facebook Page, “A specialty coffee shop, roasting all of our coffees right here in Newburgh, New York.”

RoseAnna’s Glass Art (Home Decor)

According to the Facebook Page, “Fused glass giftware including Dichroic glass jewelry, cheese platters, sushiware, serving utensils, coasters, cabinet drawer pulls/knobs, vases & more….”

RoseAnna's Glass Art
Sally Rothchild Pottery

Sally Rothchild Pottery (Ceramics)

According to the website, “Made by hand on the potter’s wheel in my studio located in the Catskill Mountains, my pots are designed to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. In my work I strive to marry the concept of form with function, so that each individual piece is not only visually pleasing, but a joy to use as well. I make a variety of wares: platters, serving bowls, pitchers, mugs, casseroles, vases, jars, teapots, and more. “

Solulu Handmade (Handbags)

According to the website, “Solulu Handmade is a labor of love.  I find the entire creative process – from planning, to selecting all of the elements of the design, to crafting the item – very meditative and therapeutic. I love that the process gives me the time and space to think about the intended recipient.  All items are handmade in my home studio in upstate, New York in small batches of unique, high quality, durable materials and are intended to bring you the same joy that goes into making them.”

Tree Juice Maple (Food)

According to the website, “Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ is made at Lazy Crazy Acres Farm. Nestled in the Drybrook Valley of the Catskills Mountains of New York, the Fairbairn family have owned and operated this 100+ acre farm since the 1930’s. Around 8000 maple trees on the farm’s rolling hills are tapped each year. Miles of tubing gravity feed the sap to the sugar house where a wood fire evaporator turns the sap into sweet stuff.”

Twigs Antiques (Floral Design)

According to the Facebook Page, “Specializing in “today’s” farmhouse country designs. Herbs, faux flowers, wreaths, arrangements, gathered bouquets & vintage accent pieces for any home…”

Weba Natural Products (Beauty)

According to the website, “Lydia hopes to educate consumers about the importance of reading labels and researching ingredients, while creating a socially conscious company. WEBA regularly donates bar soaps and gift baskets to non-profits and food pantries.”

Windfall Farms (Farmer)

According to their website, “Windfall Farms is 143 acres of preserved farmland located in Orange County NY. The 143 acre preserved land that is Windfall Farms is the house brand, and also home to several independently owned businesses in agriculture and culinary industries.”

Windfall Farm
Wing and a Prayer

Wing and A Prayer Farm (Farmer)

According to the website, “Farmer Tam, with the help of her children and community, have been cultivating a home with a heart for fiber animals of all species and breeds in a small New England town since 2001. The farm typically sells wool products, farm made soaps, home baked pies, fresh eggs and chicks through farm markets, sheep and wool festivals, and their online shop.”

Woodside Blue Preserves (Food)

According to the website, “At Woodside Blue Preserves, all our jams, jellies and marmalades are hand-made and hand-sealed in hot water baths of no more than twelve jars per batch. The recipes allow us to cut down on cooking time, preserving the fresh taste of the natural ingredients at their seasonal best.”

Yankee Rock Farm

Yankee Rock Farm (Food)

According to the website, “Yankee Rock Farm is the culmination of two childhood passions for all things sheep; as shearers, butchers, and reputable breeders. Through grit and hard-headed determination we aim to provide wholesome care in every action, from the flock all the way to the finished products. Responsibility at each process is central to our belief in providing sustainable, wholesome livestock, meats, and fibers.”

All for One and One for All Farm (Farmer)

According to the website, “We sell plants, produce, honey, flowers, fruits, and berries from our property, as well as some home goods we’ve made- the indigo dyed rags and table cloths are a hit!

All for One and One for All
Chester Agriculture Center

Chester Agricultural Center (Farmer)

According to the website, “The mission of CAC is to help grow an equitable and inclusive regional food system. We see a future where land is affordable to diverse, aspiring farmers, where food is accessible to all, and where we respect and steward the unique soils and eco-system in our care.”

More Things to See & Do in Orange County, NY:

A Few Things to Know before Visiting the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea:

  • The Event takes place at the Museum Village in Monroe, NY
  • Parking is FREE
  • The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea is a seasonal Event and, at the time of this posting, occurs once a year
  • Admission to the event is $5.00 (at time of this blog post) and children 12 yrs and under are free
  • This Event is kid-friendly
  • If you’re interested in being a vendor in the future, you can contact Hudson Valley Farm and Flea on their website.

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