Don’t you love it when people combine their passion for the arts with building a stronger community?
That’s precisely what Laurie Perrone envisioned when she created the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea Event.

This premiere event takes place twice a year, in Newburgh, and it is not to be missed.

Decorated eggs at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea in Newburgh, NY

Come take a look and see for yourself why the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh is the place to be and the place to do your holiday shopping.

Visiting the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

> There is a $5.00 Admission Fee to the Event
> Children under 12 yrs old are Free
> Parking is always Free
> The Event only takes place twice a year (April & November)

What is Hudson Valley Farm & Flea?

Before my visit, I had the privilege of speaking to the person behind this wonderful event, Laurie Perrone.

During the discussion, Laurie said the following to me: “I started this event because I thought we were missing this level of shopping in the Newburgh area.”

I agree!

Vendors and patrons at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea in Newburgh, NY

This love for the Hudson Valley’s local makers, artisans, collectors, creators and farmers was the seed that was planted that became the Annual Events called The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea. 

Upon arriving at the event, her desire to spotlight the talent and hard work of Hudson Valley artists, creators, farmers and designers is evident.

The room is filled completely with tables and friendly faces that show off the sense of community you can feel throughout the Hudson Valley. 

Where does the Farm and Flea take place? 

The Hudson Valley Farm and Flea takes place at the Motorcyclepdia Museum in Newburgh, NY. 

Homemade and Handmade soaps displayed at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea Event.

It is a unique venue and adds to the atmosphere of this wonderful event.

The Motorcycledia Museum is a great venue to have this event. The museum is spacious as the tables are set up both around the perimeter of the room and in the center. The backdrop of the motorcycles makes the space interesting and adds to the charm of the event. 

The museum is located on Lake St, right off of Broadway in Newburgh in Orange County, NY. It offers a convenient location for many that travel, near and far, to see the excellent assortment of vendors offered at this event. 

The Immuneschein Ginger Elixirs are a popular item at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

The Motorcyclepedia Museum can be assessed from the NY State Thruway (I-87) and I-84. A short drive from the Historic Newburgh Waterfront and from New Windsor, NY.

The patrons of the event consist of people from the immediate area and from the surrounding communities of the Hudson Valley.  The support of local business is abundant and the feeling of strong community over competition is also present at this event.

The table of a Handmade Jewelry vendor at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

According to their website:

“This event will create a place where people can come to enjoy local products and be immersed in a total Hudson Valley lifestyle experience.”

When does it take place?

The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea takes place twice a year – April & November.

The Fall Event (November) is full of wonderful vendors ready to see you locally made and sourced items for your holidays.

The Spring Event (April) is full of seasonal items that make your Spring season more complete.

A table set up with handmade pottery and the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea.

Is the Farm & Flea Free?

No, the Farm & Flea Event is not Free. There is a $5 admission fee to all patrons.

Children under 12 years old are Free and there is Free parking on the premises.

What Makes the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea a Unique Event?

The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea is a unique event in Orange County, NY, as it embraces community, diversity and exceptional products made right here in our backyard.

An assortment of Hand creams and handmade soaps displayed at the Event

Which vendors are part of the Event? 

During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with several of the vendors showcased.

The Drink More Good Table at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea
  • I was immediately drawn to the Natural Handmade Products for bath, body, and home created by Beyond the Picket Fence. Everything is beautifully packaged in bright colored paper and her whole booth smells amazing. Visit Gwen’s online store at
  • I also enjoyed our time with ‘New Prospect Pottery’ and all of her amazing creations. Each item is made with her own hands and crafted to perfection. Visit Lynn online at
  • The ‘Immuneschein Ginger Elixirs’ was definitely intriguing. Although not something I am familiar with, the company offers elixirs that strengthen and support the immune system. Visit them online at
  • Another one of my favorite vendors was ‘Damn Good Honey Farm‘. Their variety of honey is amazing and they happily offer free samples. I sampled their honey and also smelled the handcrafted soaps they had on display. My hubby bought me a gift box with four soaps and honey for Christmas and I can’t wait to open it!  Keith and Jennifer are lovely people and can be found online at

Damn Good Honey Farm

We also enjoyed looking at the incredible products offered by:

Artists showcase their creations at the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea in Newburgh, NY

Hudson Valley Farm & Flea Vs Other Artisan Markets

The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea is such a great event that showcases many of the best products made in the Hudson Valley.

I love to see local artists and farmers working so hard to keep their products locally, as well as, available to the community.

This event helps local artists get the word out about their products.

Coffee Beans from the Blacc Vanilla Table at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

Comparing the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea to other events, I would say that the other events struggle to showcase the variety of vendors and entertainment that the HV Farm & Flea does

The space and venue is perfect for this event! And you can also visit the museum with the entrance fee to the event.

And in addition to the wonderful vendors, there is entertainment provided by Riverside Theatre Arts from Cornwall, NY and children’s films by Spark Media Projects.

It’s a full day’s event that immerses you in all the wonderful things happening in the Hudson Valley.


Because the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea is a day event, there is plenty to do after you are done. Here are some of my favorite places to visit:

  • George Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, NY
  • Newburgh Waterfront Restaurants
  • Orange County Choppers Cafe & Shop in Newburgh, NY
Handmade soaps at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea made by Damn Good Honey Farm
Delicious Honey from Damn Good Honey Farm at the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea

Panoramic view of the vendors at the Hudson Valley Farm and Flea

A Few Things to Know before Visiting the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea:

  • The Event takes place at the Motorcyclepdia Museum in Newburgh, NY
  • Parking is FREE
  • The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea is a seasonal Event and takes place twice a year – March & November (check Facebook for updated information)
  • Admission to the event is $5.00 (at time of this blog post) and gives you access to the Museum and children 12 yrs and under are free
  • Food is sold at the Venue
  • This Event is kid-friendly
  • If you’re interested in being a vendor, you can find an application on the website

Find out more information about the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea:

Hudson Valley Farm & Flea Address:
Motorcycledia Museum
250 Lake Street
Newburgh, NY

Until the Next Adventure…


Take a look inside one the Hudson Valley's premier artisan vendor events: the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea