Hudson Valley Drive In Movies:
The Ultimate List for Movie Lovers

Hudson Valley Drive In movies are a staple in the Hudson Valley. Even with the popularity of movie theaters in locals mall, the Hudson Valley drive in movie theaters continue to get patrons.

So before you skip the idea of going to a Hudson Valley drive in movie theater, take a look at this list.

As someone who has frequented several Hudson Valley Drive In movies, I’m here to let you in on a little secret:

I had never been to a drive in before moving to the Mid-Hudson Valley area. To be honest, while living in Lower Hudson Valley, I thought drive-in movie theaters only existed in New Jersey.

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Things to Know Before your visit to a Hudson Valley Drive In

  • Drive-in movie theaters are open seasonally: Typically March/April until October
  • The movies are typically double features, so prepare to stay at the drive-in for several hours.
  • The first movie typically begins after 8pm.
  • You do not have to stay, though, for both movies. The exits are always open.
  • Concessions are sold at the drive-in and there are bathroom facilities on site.
  • Leashed dogs are allowed at the drive-in movie theaters.
  • Parking is included in admission price

Click below to see items I always have during my Hudson Valley Outings:

  • Bug Spray: Since these movies start playing at dusk, bug spray is essential for an outing to a local Hudson Valley Drive In.
  • First Aid Kit: Because ‘you never know’ when an accident happens and you need supplies quickly.
  • Foldable Chair: For those who like to watch the movies under the stars and not in the car, this lightweight foldable chair is for you!

Why would I visit a Hudson Valley Drive In?

Well, I’ll give you a few reasons:

#1: The Experience is one of a kind

You can’t beat sitting in your car, van, etc and watching a great movie. The sound comes out of your vehicle’s speakers. Hudson Valley Drive In Movie theaters are among 350 drive in theaters left in the Unites States.

#2: You don’t have to deal with the other people watching the movie

I appreciate a Hudson Valley Drive In more than a conventional movie theater. At the theater, it never fails, that you encounter someone who is always talking, someone behind you kicking your chair or the person in front of you getting up constantly.

At the drive in, you are comfortably watching the movie in your own “pod”.

Hudson Valley Drive In in Hyde Park NY

#3: You get TWO movies for less than the price of ONE at the mall theaters.

What’s better than saving money, especially during these times. The entrance price includes two movies and is far cheaper than the one movie at the mall movie theater.

#4: Hudson Valley Drive In Movie Theaters are owned by local families who have kept this tradition alive for decades.

In these challenging times, the owners of Hudson Valley Drive In theaters take pride and work very hard in offering this wonderful means of entertainment. It is not a lucrative business but one that is done with great love.

#5: It’s a wonderful summer tradition that your family will remember forever

Like many things, the warmer months in the Hudson Valley go by quickly and the winter always seems to drag on.

This is such a great trip because it can be enjoyed by anyone with a car, truck or SUV that has a love of movies. You can easily make it a date night, a family outing or just some quality alone time.

Have I Convinced You Yet to Visit a Hudson Valley Drive In?

In total, there are 10 Hudson Valley Drive In Movie Theaters:

  • 3 in Dutchess County, NY
  • 2 in Orange County, NY
  • 2 in Greene County, NY
  • 2 in Rensselaer County, NY
  • 1 in Albany County, NY

Over the years, drive in movie theaters have slowly diminished in numbers. Now, drive ins are favorites among the locals.

Below are the Hudson Valley Drive In Movie theaters grouped by county.

List of Hudson Valley Drive In Movie Theaters

Hudson Valley Drive In Map

Hyde Park Drive-In

Located in Hyde Park, NY (Dutchess County, NY), the owners of this Hudson Valley Drive In also own Overlook Drive In, in Poughkeepsie, NY. (see below)

They have kept this Hudson Valley tradition alive since 1950. It continues to be family owned and operated. They are across from the FDR Estate and is located in perfect spot for an afternoon and evening of fun in Hyde Park.

The Hyde Park Drive In is situated on 12 acres, right on Route 9, and boasts an 82 foot screen. This Drive in can accommodate over 650 cars, but make sure to get there early because this is a local favorite spot.


Prices: Adults: $10 | Children (5-11yrs): $7 | Children under 5yrs: Free

Overlook Drive-In

Located in Poughkeepsie, NY (Dutchess County, NY), the owners of Overlook Drive In also own Hyde Park Drive In (see above).

Since 1955, this has been a local favorite and has the largest screen in the Tri-State area. Situated on 12 acres, with a capacity of over 700 cars and a screen as tall as a 6-story building, it’s no wonder this is a local favorite.


Prices: Adults: $10 | Children (5-11yrs): $7 | Children under 5yrs: Free

Four Brothers Drive-In

Located in Amenia, NY (Dutchess County, NY), this unique Hudson Valley Drive In not only shows the standard double feature movies, but also shows a triple feature on Thursdays (one classic movie put in to honor #Thowbackthursday).

Instead of a typical concession stand, Four Brothers Drive In has ‘Car Hop Delivery’. Place your order over the phone, online or at the concession shack and it will be delivered to your car.


Prices: Adults: $11 | Veterans & Seniors: $8 | Children (5-11yrs): $6 | Children under 5yrs: Free

Warwick Drive-In

Located in Warwick, NY (Orange County, NY), the Warwick Drive in was voted Times Herald-Record Readers’ Choice Winner.

What makes this drive in unique is that they have 3 screens running double feature movies simultaneously.

  • One screen shows ‘R’ rated movies
  • One screen shows ‘PG-13’ rated movies
  • One screen shows ‘PG’ & ‘G’ movies


Prices: Adults: $12 | Seniors: $8 | Children (4-11yrs): $6 | Children under 4yrs: Free

Fair Oaks Drive-In

Located in Middletown, NY (Orange County, NY), Fair Oaks Drive In is a twin-screen venue.

With a capacity of over 750 cars, this drive in offers double feature films from April through September. One screen is larger than the other but both offer a wonderful movie experience.


Prices: Adults: $9 | Seniors: $7 | Children (5-11yrs): $6 | Children under 5yrs: Free

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Hi-Way Drive-In

Located in Coxsackie, NY, (Greene County, NY) this drive in has been open for more than 65 years.

This iconic drive in movie theater is a 4-screen drive in and is a local favorite. Showing double features on all 4 screens. Conveniently located off of Route 9W.


Prices: Adults: $10 | Children (3-11yrs): $5 | Children under 3yrs: Free

Greenville Drive-In

Located in Greenville, NY (Greene County, NY), Greenville Drive In was established in 1959. This Northern Catskill Hudson Valley Drive In is located on Route 32, approximately 35 minutes south of Albany, NY.

They have an interesting take on movies, music and cocktails. They can accommodate over 200 cars.


Prices: Adults: $8 | Children (5-12yrs): $4 | Children under 5yrs: Free

Hathaway’s Drive In

Located in North Hoosick, NY (Rensselaer County, NY). Hathaway’s Drive In is a twin theater that opened in 1948! This iconic Hudson Valley Drive In features double features on two screens from late April through early September.

Hathaway’s Drive In continues to use speaker posts. Two cars fit between each speaker post.


Prices: Adults: $10 | Children (2-11yrs): $5 | Children under 2yrs: Free

Hollywood Drive-In

Located in Averill Park, NY (Rensselaer County, NY), Hollywood Drive-In is located close to Albany, NY. It opened in 1952 and accommodates up to 400 cars.

Visitors enjoy watching the double features on the 88-foot wide screen, while also enjoying concessions from their newly-renovated concession building.


Prices: Adults: $10 | Children (3-10yrs): $5 | Children under 3yrs: Free

Hudson Valley Drive In popcorn and soda

Jericho Drive-In

Located in Glenmont, NY (Albany County, NY), Jericho Drive-In is famous for their Ice Cream shop, Twist Ice Cream Shoppe.


Prices: Adults: $11 | Children (11 and under): $6

Hudson Valley Drive In Pop-Ups

Since Hudson Valley Drive In Movies are such a big hit, may local areas have also jumped on the bandwagon and created their own pop-up Drive in Theaters.

Some of these include:

Kensico Dam (Starting June 11th, 2021)

Located in Valhalla, NY (Westchester County), this location is also convenient for those living in the area. They are offering two evenings, for now.

Prices: $25 per car

Ridge Hill – Movie Monday on the Lawn (Starting July 5th, 2021)

Located in Yonkers, NY (Westchester County), Ridge Hill has their traditional Summer Movie Monday on the lawn. It’s not a drive-in, but it’s movies under the stars.


Prices: Free

Tips for Enjoying a Hudson Valley Drive in:

  • Bring bug spray, especially if you are planning to have the windows open before the movie start, the back of your SUV, pick up or if you keep your van open during the movie.
    • Most bugs come out during sunset.
  • Bring blankets for little ones, especially if they are enjoying the movie on the back of your pick up, SUV or van. It can get chilly at night and you don’t want to run your heater during the movie.
  • Clean your windshield before arriving at the drive in.
  • Buy your snacks at the concession stand.
    • Why? Because the drive in makes their profit from the sales at the concession and if you want to maintain this wonderful tradition, then you should support this local business.
  • Bring your kids in pajamas.
    • If they fall asleep, it will make an easier transition to their beds once you are home.
  • Be careful when turning on your car radio. You don’t want your battery to die out.
  • Bring jumper cables (in case).


Until the Next Adventure…

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