dog looking in a door at a hudson valley dog boarding facility

13+ Popular Hudson Valley Dog Boarding Facilities
that are second homes for your pet

As a dog owner, finding a reliable and high-quality Hudson Valley dog boarding facility can be a daunting task.

It’s important to find a place that will provide your furry family members with the care and attention they deserve while you’re away, and choosing a local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility has its own set of benefits.

Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is close by in case of any emergencies.

Smiling dog at a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility

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Finding a High-Quality Hudson Valley Dog Boarding Facility

Finding a high-quality Hudson Valley dog boarding facility is important because it can provide your furry friend with a safe and comfortable environment while you’re away.

It’s important to do thorough research and visit potential facilities in person to ensure that they meet your standards and the needs of your dog. This includes things like the size and layout of the facility, the training and experience of the staff, and the availability of additional services like grooming or doggy daycare.

Dog Training at a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility

A good Hudson Valley dog boarding facility will have trained staff who are knowledgeable about dog behavior and able to provide the necessary care of your pets and attention to each individual dog.

They should also have appropriate safety measures in place, such as secure fencing and supervision, to ensure the well-being of the dogs in their care.

Leaving your dog in the care of someone else can be stressful, so finding a high-quality Hudson Valley dog boarding facility can give you peace of mind and allow you to relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your dog is in good hands.

dog looking in a door at a hudson valley dog boarding facility

Benefits of choosing a local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility

There are several benefits to choosing a local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility for your furry friend.

  • Supporting a local business: Choosing a local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility supports the local economy and helps to keep money within the community.
  • Convenience: A local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility is likely to be more convenient for you, as it will be closer to your home and may be easier to access.
  • Familiar surroundings: Dogs are creatures of habit and may feel more at ease in a familiar environment. By choosing a local dog boarding facility, your dog will be in a place that is familiar to them and may help to reduce anxiety and stress. There is a plus to boarding them in a facility that they attend doggie day care. It becomes their second home and they feel as they are part of the family.
  • Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, it’s important to have your dog close by. A local dog boarding facility allows you to easily access your dog and make any necessary arrangements.
  • Personal recommendations: Asking friends, family, or local veterinarians for recommendations can help you to find a reputable and trusted local dog boarding facility.

Overall, choosing a local Hudson Valley dog boarding facility can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort for both you and your furry friend.

Bull Dogs Running and playing in the Hudson Valley

Popular Hudson Valley Dog Boarding Facilities

Map of Hudson Valley Dog Boarding Facilities

– Camp Bow Wow

This popular premier doggy daycare and boarding facility is located in Nanuet. With size-categorized indoor/outdoor play yards, spacious overnight cabins, and certified camp counselors with the dogs at all times, Camp Bow Wow Rockland strives to bring you and your dog the best care in the dog day care and boarding industry.

– Country Club Kennels Boarding

Around for almost 50 years in Lagrangeville, Country Club Kennels has been offering boarding and grooming. Their personal attention is top priority and is shows in the happy dogs and cats that enjoy their time there.

Their facility is comprised of three air conditioned buildings and a secure yard. You can make an appointment today to tour the facility.

– Dog Meadow

Located in Millbrook, their website say it all, “Your Furry Friend’s Home away from Home”. Dog Meadow luxury dog day care and cageless boarding facility, offering a loving environment and personal attention your furry best friend deserves.

They take the mental health of your dog seriously and produce a calm home-like environment, free of anxiety-provoking confinement while still offering fun activities and free play in the meadow.

Dogs sitting in the shade at a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility

– Dogtopia of Fishkill

Dogtopia is a family-run daycare, boarding and spa facility located in Dutchess County. Their open play dog center is where your pup can play with like-minded friends under the direct supervision of a dog trainer.

This Hudson Valley dog boarding facility takes the time in the care of animals that visit and are on a mission to raise the bar of care in the pet industry. Their app offers perks, like a live webcam, not offered in other facilities.

– Dogward Bound

Dogward Bound is a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility that offers a non-traditional approach to boarding. Located in Carmel in the beautiful Hudson Valley, they offer a wonderful home compound, consisting of 15 acres.

Their oversized personal kennel runs are partially covered and make the ideal place for dogs that prefer the outside, as it protects again sun and rain.

– Lakeside Pet Lounge

Located in Monroe, Lakeside Pet Lounge offers traditional pet boarding. This Hudson Valley dog boarding facility gives your dog a comfortable and relaxing place to stay, with designated hours of play sessions and socialization.

The best part is that the owner is a licensed veterinary technician and she lives on-site. As a pet owner, you know that your dog is in good hands.

Hudson Valley Animal Shelter Dogs

– Ledgewood Kennel

Located in Millerton, Ledgewood Kennel provides:

  • a boarding facility
  • grooming facility
  • a train program
  • a doggie day care
  • a dock diving dog pool

As a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility and training facility, they cater to the needs of dogs and their families. They offer a facility like no other including hard-to-find, unique experiences, such as animal aquatics.

Located on 75 acres, it is the perfect setting and a wonderful experience for your pet when they are away from home.

– Mutts Mansion

Located in Wappingers Falls, Mutts Mansion specializes in grooming, as well as, daycare and boarding. Specializing in a positive boarding experience for your pet, they take into account if your pet has separation anxiety and destroys the home when you leave.

This may be the best place for you if you need a last minute day care option when running errands. They also offer nightly boarding, weekly boarding and so much more.

– Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort

Located on Route 9W in Orange County, Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort is a favorite of many. With a lovely dry play area and a fresh water dog park, your pet will have a great time making friends there.

Veterinary-owned, you can feel comfortable in knowing that sick dogs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. They use the Dog Gurus College to learn and get certified in dog body language and doggy communications.

Hudson Valley dog boarding puppy in yard

– Plainsview Country Kennels

Located in Wallkill, Plainsview Country Kennels their family owned and operated business opened in 1990 and expanded to its current location in 1997. Situated on 11 acres, their climate controlled atmosphere, including central air and radiant heat.

They also have fire and security systems, closed circuit TV, indoor themed play rooms, outdoor exercise yards, a swimming pool, and comfortable indoor/outdoor runs.

– The Woodlands Luxury Pet Resort

Located in Wallkill, this 60+ acre pet resort, The Woodlands Pet Resort & Spa has been a part of the community for over 30 years. They cater to both dogs and cats and the owners live on the premises.

They have individualized options catering to older pets, pets with previous injuries or ailments, stressed pets, or pets who previously have had bad experiences. They have a very unique place and you can rest easily with emails and photo updates while you are away.

– Shepherd and Grey Daycare

Located in Cold Spring, this unique facility caters to dogs and birds. Whether you need a few hours or a few weeks of care, Shepherd and Grey Daycare and Guesthouse‘s low capacity, calm atmosphere, and idyllic setting offer a unique alternative to the often crowded and chaotic kennel experience. 

This day care and guesthouse are full service and are very popular in the area. At the time of the posting, they were not accepting new clients.

Dog laying down at Hudson Valley Dog boarding facility

– Stonehouse Dog Sitting

Located in New Paltz, Stonehouse Dog Sitter offer a safe, healthy and loving environment for dogs. All guest dogs live with the owners in their home and take pet sitting to another level.

They live and sleep in their home and are provided continuous play and stimulation. They offer a unique shuttle service to and from New York City for an additional fee.

– Wag Inn Boarding

Located in Accord, Wag Inn knows how hard it can be to leave your dogs behind when you have to go somewhere. During the day, the dogs that stay have planty of free time to make friends. In addition to boarding, they also offer play and train camps.

They work on leash-walking, basic obedience, impulse control, confidence building, etc. Between sessions, they still have time to play and socialize.

Tips for Boarding your Dog

As any dog lover will tell you, getting your dog socialized during their first year is extremely important. Human contact, besides immediate family, and contact with other dogs helps raise a well-rounded pet.

Brown Dog at Hudson Valley Animal Shelter

Your dog’s overall health, including physical and mental, is vital. If your own dog has high energy, it is best to take them to a boarding/day care facility instead of keeping your dog in a crate at home while you go to work.

Having a great local veterinarian plays a vital role in your dog’s health and is also a great resource for locating a Hudson Valley dog boarding facility that best meets your needs.

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