Hudson Valley Deals Not to Be Missed!

The Hudson Valley is full of places that offer deals. That’s why this article focuses on where to find the best Hudson Valley deals, so you can save plenty of money while exploring this beautiful region of New York.

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Click below to see some items I always have during my Hudson Valley Outings:

First Aid Kit sold on Amazon
Ponchos sold on Amazon
Walking shoes sold on Amazon
  • If you’re going to be out all day exploring, you never REALLY know what the weather will be like. Even if you think you do know, it can start raining at any time, so this small life-saver is an essential item. This is another great buy on Amazon for under $15.

What are the best Hudson Valley Deals

In my opinion, the BEST Hudson Valley Deals are not found using promo codes or the usual coupon codes when you buy a minimum amount, it’s by stopping by here and checking out the Groupon deals I find online for you.

Don’t get me wrong, Groupon was big when people were looking for an inexpensive oil change, but that has all changed, my dear.

Cider Sampling in the Hudson Valley. These are great Hudson Valley Deals

How to find the best deals in the Hudson Valley?

Sometimes when you search for deals online, you end up on sites that feel like you have to jump through hoops, just to get a good price.

And don’t get me started on subscriptions or memberships that need to be bought just to get a discount. Is that really a discount if you have to pay a membership fee?

I’m sure your favorite, popular destination throws a deal from time to time, but who has the time to wait for that to happen.

That’s why I love Groupon and everything they do.

I have found Groupon deals for:

  • Dinner in a quiet setting
  • Tickets to some of my favorite shows; including concerts and special events
  • Rooms at places that you would not describe as a cheap hotel
  • Hard Cider tastings
  • The Palisades Climb Adventure
  • And so much more…

Why are these Hudson Valley Deals better than others?

While some deals that you find online have limitations and blackout dates, I found with Groupon, that I never have to deal with that.

My experience has been that they are fair and offer the opportunity to get exceptional services for a fraction of the price.

I would check the Groupon reviews and other places online that post reviews (Google/Yelp)
before you purchase your Hudson Valley Deals

How to find Groupon deals for the Hudson Valley?

I would start by making it a habit to check their website EACH and EVERY TIME you are planning an outing.

This may sound tedious, but it is worth it in the long run.

You may have to fiddle with the search bar a little when looking for things to do.
Here are some tips to better find great savings on Groupon:

  • Do not narrow down your searches too much
    • Sometimes an offer may appear in ‘Things to do’ while other times it’s in ‘Personal Services’
  • Do not narrow the location to ‘Current Location’ only
    • If you’re like me and live near another state (New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts), you will also get searches for that area
  • Sort the results by ‘Distance’ so you don’t get things in other locations
  • Keep an open mind. What may not look interesting now, may be a lot of fun if you try it.

Want to see a video on how to find the best Hudson Valley Deals?

Favorite Groupon Hudson Valley Deals

A FULL list of Activities can be found here

Other Popular Groupon Deals

Trampoline Deal Groupon

90-Min Jump Pass or Basic Party Package at Rockin’ Jump Ridge Hill

You can choose from several options for this deal in Yonkers and while writing this, already 10,000+ people have bought this deal.

RPM Raceway

This racing package in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, is fun for the whole family.

Hudson Valley Rock Climbing

The Rock Club

Located in New Rochelle, Staffers help climbers learn beginner rock-climbing skills to prepare them for one month of faux rock scaling.

Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company

Located in White Plains, Guests can experience all the beers the brewery has to offer while getting a first hand look at the brewing process.

Hudson Valley Cider

What Hudson Valley Deals have I found and used on Groupon?

Like mentioned previously, I’ve used Groupon deals for:

Hands on laptop looking for Hudson Valley Deals

Read all about more activities at the Palisades Center Mall

More tips on buying Hudson Valley Deals

#1: Check out Groupon on Social Media, especially Facebook and Instagram

#2: Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing.

#3: Take time to research where you are going to find other things to do or places to eat.

#4: Have fun!

Until the Next Adventure…

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