The front of the Hudson Roiver Museum in Yonkers

4 Things I Learned From Visiting the Hudson River Museum

My daily drive takes me to several counties in the Hudson Valley, but nothing mesmerizes me more than the Hudson River itself and its rich history. On the banks of the Hudson River in Yonkers sits another gem of a place with an incredible art collection and even more spectacular views of the Majestic Hudson River.

I have driven by the Hudson River Museum many times and had never ventured in…

I am so glad I finally did!

According to their website:
“The Hudson River Museum is a multi-disciplinary cultural complex that draws its identity from its site on the banks of the Hudson River, actively reaching out to broaden the horizons of all of its visitors.”

First Thing I Learned at the Hudson River Museum:

I never know that the Hudson River Museum is a home to a grand variety of art. There is definitely something for everyone’s taste and preference in art.
There is so much to see at this Museum.

The front sign of the Hudson River Museum

Second Thing I Learned at the Hudson River Museum:

An interesting fact I learned is that the site of the Museum itself was once private property owned by the Trevor Family. They owned the beautiful house, the Glenview, that still sits on the grounds of the museum.

After the elder Trevors’ passed away, the property was sold to the City of Yonkers and opened as the Yonkers Museum of Science and the Arts in 1924, renamed the Hudson River Museum of Yonkers in 1948 and then renamed, again, The Hudson River Museum of Westchester.

Hudson River Museum

Later, the building that is currently the museum was built on the grounds and the Glenview House was restored back to its original glory.

Our tour guide, Pedro, was knowledgeable and extremely personable and witty. He was animated throughout the tour and made the tour very exciting. He knew so much about the Trevor and about the house and this made the tour so much more enjoyable.

Third Thing I Learned at the Hudson River Museum:

The Hudson River Museum boasts permanent exhibits and also rotates special exhibits.
During my visit, within the Hudson River Museum’s main gallery, I thoroughly enjoyed the Exhibit: ‘Lincoln on the Hudson’ by Red Grooms. (pictured below)

Hudson River Museum

The exhibit is a large scale walk-through exhibit displaying the appearance of Abraham Lincoln at the Peekskill Train Station. The display is multi-dimensional with so many layers that I had to walk by it several times in order to take in all the wonderful details. The exhibit will remain at the museum until May 14, 2017.

Fourth Thing I Learned at the Hudson River Museum:

The Hudson River Museum is also home to a Planetarium. The Planetarium shows run on the weekends.

Hudson River Museum

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting the Hudson River Museum:

  • Hudson River Museum is perfect for every one/anyone: Families, Couples and Singles
  • Cost: At the time if this post, Museum Admission Fees are presently $6 (adults) & $3 (youth: ages 3-18 yrs)
    • Planetarium Fees are presently $4 (adults) & $2 (youth: 3-18 yrs old)
  • Days/Hours: The Museum is open from Wednesday – Sunday only (12 noon – 5pm)
    • Planetarium hours are Saturday & Sunday only (Shows: 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm)
    • Glenview House is open weekdays (Wed, Thurs, Fri) for tours only at 1pm & 3pm
    • Glenview House is open on Saturday & Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm to the public for viewing and for tours at 1pm & 3pm
  • There are often weekend program for children (included in the Admission fee)
  • They have special programs, such as Family Day (see Website for more info)
  • The Museum is Wheelchair Accessible

On a side note: There was so much to see and do, that I never made it to the Planetarium Shows 🙂

That means that I have to make a return visit so I can see everything.

Hudson River Museum
511 Warburton Ave
Yonkers, NY 10701

Until the Next Adventure…

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