Hudson Beach Glass:
How to Blow Your Own Ornament

In a sea of galleries in Beacon, NY, one stands out from all the rest. I went to Hudson Beach Glass and was blown away (no pun intended…)

Hudson Beach Glass is not only located in a unique space (in a restored Firehouse), but it offers an experience you cannot find anywhere else in Beacon. Having the ability to blow your own glass in Beacon is amazing for a former city gal like me.

I happened to stumble upon Hudson Beach Glass during one of Beacon’s Second Saturday Events. The brick facade with the beautiful colorful glass pieces in the window calls you in.

It’s mesmerizing.

Upon entering the first-floor gallery you are just enveloped in the colorful glass works of art. Then when you make an immediate right, you find yourself in a workshop with a hot oven in the back and guess what…

This is where the magic happens.

Visiting Hudson Beach Glass for Glass Blowing:

Getting help at the oven at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting Hudson Beach Glass for Glass Blowing:

  • In order to experience blowing your own ornament, you must make a reservation prior to your visit.
  • The easiest way to make a reservation is on their website
  • I suggest you make an afternoon or evening out of this experience and visit local restaurants and shops while you wander around Beacon, NY.
  • There is no on-site parking. Street parking is available but allow extra time to find a spot, as Beacon is a busy town.
Beacon Glass Shop showcases glass ornaments

More Info about Blowing your own glass in Beacon

These one-of-a-kind experiences are what makes the Hudson Valley so special. This area is so full of art and artists that it doesn’t take going far to experience something magnificent.

Hudson Beach Glass is conveniently located on Main Street. It is very close to the beginning of Main Street and offers visitors an opportunity to become immersed in what Beacon is all about: Art, food and good times!

Making blown glass at Hudson Beach Glass


  • Allow extra time to find a parking spot on Main Street.
  • Arrive with a general idea of what you want your ornament to look like (color/colors & design). Each glass blowing session is approximately 15 minutes long and you don’t want to waste that time choosing your colors or design.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You will be assisting in creating the ornament and will be moving around the workspace.
  • Have your entire party (2 or more people) there before the start time. They will not begin your session if everyone is not present.
Beautiful glass pieces on display at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY

Let me tell you: This experience is great for anyone over the age of 6 years.

The whole experience is so much fun. You start with a base and then you can choose the colors and tell them the design you are interested in.

Next, you are instructed how to melt and blend the colored beads into the base and you are left at the oven to do your thing.

You are then taken to a work station where you are instructed to blow into a tube and that is what inflates the glass into its shape.

The staff at Hudson Beach glass is amazing. They are knowledgeable, patient and professional. It was great from beginning to end.

There is more Glass in Beacon

At Hudson Beach glass, there is so much more than just making your own glass ornaments.

Decorative Glass pieces at Hudson Beach Glass

They offer other classes and workshops and welcome all skill levels.

In addition to the glass ornaments you can also:

They house a beautiful collection of glass items in their main gallery. This gallery is splendid and showcases exceptional pieces that anyone will fall in love with. From spike bowls to soap dishes, the objects are not only functional but are a gorgeous piece of art.

Beacon Glass Marbles

Just when you thought there was no more…

On the second floor of Hudson Beach Glass is their artists’ gallery space showcasing a different artist every month. These artists show their work for one month with their Opening Night coinciding with Beacon’s Second Saturday Events.

My family and I have viewed some wonderful collections during our visits. You never know what you will come across next.

Art Exhibit on the Second Floor of Hudson Beach Glass

Ready to see our glass creations?

Orange and black glass Beacon ornament
Blue and white glass beacon ornament made at Hudson Beach Glass

We are completely IN LOVE with our new ornaments and will treasure them for a lifetime!

Hudson Beach Glass Address:

Hudson Beach Glass is located at 162 Main Street in Beacon, NY.

Visitors should plan for a visit of at least 20 minutes for one ornament and additional time for looking around the galleries.

For current hours of operation, pricing and information, please check out their website.

Ornaments hanging by back wall at Hudson Beach Glass


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Until the Next Adventure…

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