This Goshen Farm is a highlight when visiting Goshen NY

Goshen Farm Spotlight: All One One All Farm

Visiting Goshen, NY is NOT all about visiting Legoland… It’s about visiting this quaint village with so much to offer. You wouldn’t think that just 50+ miles from New York City, you will find a Goshen Farm that celebrates the rich history of the land it was built on.

All One One All farm in Goshen is a majestic farm that incorporates all the things that you think of when you think of farm to table food, an education center, a farm store and so much more….

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(Spring/Summer Hours)
Fri, Sat, Sun: 10AM – 5PM: Farm Stand and Farm Stand Canteen with Full Menu
Mon-Thurs, 12PM – 7PM: Self-Serve Only

What exactly is All One One All Farm?

The vision of the farm owners extends so much further than planting orchard trees, vegetable gardens and a flower garden. It is about the process of providing the best possible products while also:

  • Educating others
  • Offering workshops
  • Providing Organic Produce for the community to purchase
  • Supporting and Strengthening the local farming community
  • Serving farm to table food that shows others that eating healthy is not bland or boring

This 501(c)(3) organization was created to put a focus and emphasis on how to grow an abundance of healthy food and how food plays a major role in our lives.

All for One and One for All Red Barn Sign

What makes this Goshen Farm so unique?

This 10+ acre farm is the ultimate organic farm experience and are a regenerative silvopature farm.

What does that actually mean? It means that they are using the most responsible farming techniques around. Planting trees, shrubs and other primarily wood perennials between orchard trees and bushes offers grazing sheep something to eat while also naturally fertilizing and cleaning the land. They also use rotational grazing within the process. Click here to learn more about this practice.

Products at the AOOA Farm in Goshen

What can you do at All One One All Farm?

Experiences and workshops –

Tours of the Farm, such as:

  • Grazing System Tour for livestock farmers – According to their website, “Learn how the farm is designed to make rotational grazing easier; how we manage moving the sheep between the orchard rows; and how our 1,000 silvopasture trees (7+ species!) are working to provide shade, food, worm prevention, and bird habitats.”
  • AOOA Farm Tour – According to their website. “Come learn about how AOOA came to be and what it means to be a “regenerative silvopasture farm.” You’ll learn about our farming practices, how we manage the land, and why we raise the animal breeds that we do.”
Sheep at a Goshen Farm

Experiences/Workshops, such as:

  • My Grownup and Me – With a different weekly theme, this program incorporates both the child and their caregiver in the topic and activities taking place that week. According to their website, “Each week, we will explore the farm and cultivate curiosity through age-appropriate STEM activities.”
  • Intro to Basketry: Basic Splintwork – This popular and often sold-out program showcases the art of basket weaving. According to their website, “We’ll dive into one of the most basic styles of basic weaving: splintwork. We will spend our time weaving a small, model-sized basket to teach you the basic principles.”
  • Market Garden Community Work Day – With different activities and chores taking place throughout the year, this experience brings a community together in an effort to improve the farm. According to their website, “Depending on the season, activities might include planting, bed prep and maintenance, harvesting, and more.”
  • Evening Yoga and Soundbath – According to their website, “Expect to use movement with the breath, to harness your strength, and leave feeling lighter and more grounded.”
  • Fermenting by Season – Depending on the season this workshop teaches participants how to ferment foods that are good for your health.
  • And so much more…
All for One and One for All Farmstand sign

The Farm Stand

Located in the red barn, the Farm Stand welcomes all visitors to look around at what they have to offer. From vegetables to flowers, and eggs to teas, there is something for everyone at the farm stand.

Farm stand at AOOA farm

The Farm Stand Canteen

The highlight of any visit to this Goshen Farm is the Farm Stand Canteen. Serving true farm to table food, the dishes and desserts are not only vibrant and beautiful but also delicious.

Canteen Menu at this Goshen Farm
Flowers in the picnic table at this Goshen Farm
Lunch at the Goshen Farm
pastries in the display case at the AOOA farm in Goshen NY

U-Pick Flowers

Flower picking at All One One All farm is just the icing on the cake. In addition to having bouquets for sale at the farm stand, there is a wonderful opportunity to pick your own at this wonderful Goshen farm.

Take a Story Stroll & Eat Outside

Take a walk around the barn while following along with the story selection being featured.

Outdoor seating with umbrellas makes this Goshen Farm a cozy place to have lunch, a snack and a refreshing drink.

Story Stroll at the AOOA Farm
Path with Story Stroll
Outdoor seating area at AOOA Farm

The Importance of Local Foods & Farming

Local farming and getting foods from local farms decreases the carbon footprint created by shipping food from one area to another. The importance of having animals and insects on a farm is something showcased around every corner of this farm in Goshen.

From the sheep to the bee hives on the farm, the care and love of this farm is evident. From the project director, Alix, to the Marketing Director, Danielle, Culinary Director, Beth, and everyone in between, the happiness and love for this incredible Goshen Farm is clear the minute you walk onto the property.

The enthusiasm when asked questions and while giving a tour in infectious.

Duck at the Goshen Farm
Resident goose waiting for his lunch 😀
AOOA Farm Red Barn in Goshen NY

Integrating Sustainability into farming and our lives

While we run around and live our busy lives, it’s great to have a place to go where everything stops and you can get back to the basics: nature and food.

More importantly, the mission of All One One All is not pushed in your face, but made incredibly obvious by the dedication and love from everyone who works there.

Tea Display at a Goshen Farm

Tips for having a Magical Visit to All One One All Farm:

  • Considering that ‘you never know’ when an accident happens, you need a small, portable First Aid Kit from Amazon, like this product in your life. This is a great buy for under $15
  • Because closed, comfortable shoes are very important to visit this Goshen Farm or any farm, my favorite walking shoes, by far, are these because they are soft and the memory foam feels great on my feet. See the color and size choices here.
  • Before making a visit to AOOA Farm, please confirm information such as days and times open.
  • Make a point to go, at least, somewhat hungry because the food is delicious.

More things to do near this wonderful Goshen Farm:

Until the Next Adventure…

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