The Mid-Hudson Bridge connects Ulster County to Dutchess County.

Mid-Hudson Bridge: Go Listen To Spectacular Bridge Music

With over 17,000 bridges in New York State and over 2,000 bridges and tunnels in New York City alone, why would someone visit and walk across the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

If I told you that the Mid-Hudson Bridge has a very special feature that no other bridge in New York State has, would you believe me?

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Open Seasonally from April 1st – October 31st
Sunrise to Sunset

Visiting the Mid-Hudson Bridge:

Things to Know Before your Visit to the Mid-Hudson Bridge:

  • Access to the Mid-Hudson Bridge can be found in Highland, NY and Poughkeepise, NY
  • Check their website for any closures due to inclement weather.
  • There is a barrier separating the pedestrian pathway with the vehicular traffic on the bridge.
  • If you’re afraid of heights, then this outing may not be for you

Where is the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge is a toll suspension bridge which carries US 44 and NY 55 across the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Highland in the state of New York.

Pedestrian access to the Mid-Hudson Bridge can be found from Poughkeepsie, NY and Highland, NY.

Parking can be found along the side streets leading to the Mid-Hudson Bridge on the Poughkeepsie Side and there are a few designated parking spots on the Highland side at the end of the road that also has the parking for the Walkway over the Hudson.

About the Mid-Hudson Bridge

The Mid-Hudson Bridge opened to the public in 1930. Renamed the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge in 1994, this is a popular Hudson River crossing.

bridge music

How long is the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

According to Wikipedia, the bridge is approximately 3,000 feet in length.

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What makes the Mid-Hudson Bridge so Special?

In 2009, Joseph Bertolozzi, a composer, creating a series of songs called, “Bridge Music”. This project was made possible by using various objects and the bridge itself to make music.

This one-of-a-kind- experience can only be heard on the Mid-Hudson Bridge, nearby parking areas and by purchasing the music through various internet sources.

The experience of hearing “Bridge Music” on the Mid-Hudson Bridge itself is one of the FREE and UNIQUE things that you can do in the Hudson Valley.

What is “Bridge Music”?

Bridge music allows people to hear the bridge played as a musical instrument.

Bridge Music
Bridge Music

The first time I heard ‘Bridge Music’ was when I was parked at the banks of the Hudson River on the Poughkeepsie side. That day, I had decided to stop and park at the 75 North Water Street Parking Lot to take in the sights of the bridge and the walkway.

Upon parking, I noticed a sign in the parking lot letting visitors know that they can listen to ‘Bridge Music’ when tuning into FM 95.3. I hung out by Waryas Park Promenade and listened to the wonderful sounds coming from my car radio.

Hearing the sounds come from my car radio inspired me to look up the information and I was surprised by what I found out.

bridge music

Can you Listen to “Bridge Music” on the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

Yes you can! But only from April 1st – October 31st.

When Joseph Bertolozzi completed “Bridge Music” on the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson traveled the Hudson River.

Bertolozzi took samples that he recorded, made it into a studio album and also made them available to the public via free public audio installation at various nearby parks and on the bridge.

Bridge Music, Hudson River and the Walkway over the Hudson

Where is ‘bridge Music’ located on the Mid-Hudson Bridge?

Listening station are located along the pedestrian walkway of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. They are located on each of the bridge’s towers.

Access to the pedestrian/bicycle pathways on the bridge may be accessed from:

  • Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland, NY
bridge music
bridge music

Things To Do Near The Mid-Hudson Bridge:




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Let’s Take a Listen on the Mid-Hudson Bridge:

Tips for a Successful Visit to the Mid-Hudson Bridge:

  • The pathway is small and is shared by people walking, running & cycling.
  • For your safety there are some areas on the pathway where you can move over for room.
  • Bridge Music is located on the towers and are a distance from the entrance to the pathway.

Johnson-Iorio Park
Highland, NY

Until the Next Adventure…

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