Bannerman Castle Tour: What to Know Before you Go

I’ve looked longingly at Bannerman Castle from my train seat many times and dreamt of visiting this very interesting place. So when I found out that they offer options for a seasonal Bannerman Castle Tour, it only took me a matter of hours until I bought our tickets for a tour from Beacon, NY!

Have you ever ridden on the Metro-North Hudson Line heading up to Poughkeepsie?

Did you notice a beautiful castle on the Hudson between Breakneck Ridge and Beacon?

It looks like a castle out of a fairy tale. If you have, then you’ve seen the majestic and monumental Bannerman Castle.

*Although some options for a Bannerman Castle Tour are available to the public, please follow these guidelines:
Please be safe.
Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and follow all mandates and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control ( and NY State and local Governments.

The Bannerman Castle ruins one can see on a tour

Hiking to the summit of Pollepel Island during our Bannerman Castle Tour was one of those experiences I will never forget.

If you haven’t visited or taken a Bannerman Castle tour, it is something you should definitely add to your list now!

Saturdays 11am & 12:30pm & Sundays 12:30pm (hours vary, depending on tour)
Adult: $37.50; Child (11yrs and under): $32.50

Tours of Bannerman Island Occur Seasonally and should be on your list of things to do in the Hudson Valley.

bannerman castle tour Tips:

> Pollepel Island and Bannerman Castle tours are only open seasonally

> The terrain and tour may be a little daunting for young children. No strollers are allowed.

> Parking can be found at the designated parking lots from each dock (Beacon & Newburgh) for ferry rides.

> Special Events (Movies Nights on the Island, and Theatrical Events) take place throughout the season

> This article only reflects the experience I had during the Bannerman Island Guided Tour and Mini Hike to the Summit.
The Bannerman Castle Trust offers various visiting options throughout the season (see below)

Where is Bannerman Castle/Pollepel Island Located?

On the Hudson River near Beacon, NY, lives Bannerman Castle on a little island called Pollepel Island. The only way to get there is by finding your way across the Hudson River.

One way to get to this island is by taking a ferry from the Beacon Train Station or from Newburgh Ferry landing.

Another way is by kayaking from Cornwall, Cold Spring and/or Beacon.

Canoes and small motorboats are also welcome to tour the island.

Don’t worry, because the way you get there doesn’t matter. Once you are there, the castle itself takes your breath away.

“The castle is currently the property of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and is mostly in ruins. While portions of the exterior walls still stand, all the internal floors and non-structural walls have since burned down. The island has been the victim of vandalism, trespass, neglect, and decay.

Hudson River view while on Ferry to Bannerman Castle and Tour
View of Mid-Hudson Bridge leaving from Beacon, NY

Taking a Bannerman Castle Tour

As previously stated, the island where Bannerman Castle stands is accessible by ferry, kayak, canoe and small motorboat.

Although we live closer to the Newburgh ferry dock, my hubby and I opted to take the ferry from Beacon because we bought tickets for the ‘Bannerman Island Guided Tour and Mini Hike to the Summit’.

Bannerman Castle a majestic sight on the Hudson River. Easily seen from boats and a nearby commuter train, this Castle has always been the interest of locals and tourists.

This particular Bannerman Castle tour is not offered as often as the others and we were intrigued to see both the Castle and the Summit all in one visit.

When taking the ferry over to Pollepel Island for a Bannerman Castle tour, there are several options available:

  • Self-Guided tour with Music from Beacon, NY
  • Self-Guided Tour with Music from Newburgh, NY
  • Guided Bannerman Island Walking Tour Tour from Beacon, NY
  • Guided Bannerman Island Walking Tour from Newburgh, NY
  • Guided Tours & Hike to the Summit from Beacon, NY

The island is open for guided and self-guided Bannerman Castle Tours, seasonally, from May through November. The tours are popular and often sell out because there are many people that make return visits to the island and castle, year after year.

Stonework from a pillar on Bannerman Island in the Hudson Valley

Because Bannerman Castle, itself, is mostly in ruins, there is no entrance into the castle and the Bannerman Castle tour only takes you around the perimeter of the castle and through the grounds.

Although walking in and exploring is not possible, the ability to be so close to this amazing structure, in my opinion, is just as good.

The castle has some interested features. One being the wall that bears the name “Bannerman’s Island Arsenal”. It can be seen when approaching the island on water. (As seen in the second photo below).

Ferry boat ride to Pollepel Island and Bannerman Castle. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes from the docks at Beacon and Newburgh, NY
Bannerman Castle is a wonderful photography moment and gets everyone very excited upon the approach

Bannerman Island Guided Tour and Mini Hike to the Summit

The evening of our tour was nothing short of extraordinary. We launched from Beacon, NY at 6 pm and cruised down the Hudson River to Pollepel Island/Bannerman Castle.

The evening started off lovely and we arrived without any problems. As we approached the island, the staff opened the gate that led us straight onto Pollepel Island.

Before we get to the part, let me tell you that seeing Bannerman Castle from the water is amazing.

Bannerman Castle sits in the Hudson River and is full of history. You can take a ferry from Beacon or Newburgh and take a guided or self-guided tour of the castle and surrounding property.

It is a completely different experience than seeing the castle from the train. Everyone on board enjoyed taking so many photographs and as you approach the island, one could better see the sheer size of this fortress.

It was like something out of a movie.

Upon arriving at the island and climbing the steps onto the first landing, the tour began.

The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

Entering the grounds of Bannerman Castle.
Bannerman Castle Tour begins on one side of the island. The tour offers information on the history of the island, castle and Bannerman family.

The first piece of information that struck me about this place is that the purpose of the castle and the arsenal was for Mr. Bannerman’s military surplus that he sold in his business.

The guides showed a replica of the catalog where these items were sold from. It was really interesting to know that the location did not start off as a private residence.

During the Bannerman Castle tour, one can see the outer walls of the castle remains.

Some pieces of the walls are propped up with steel rods in order for them to remain erect.

At the Summit of Bannerman Island lies a post with a wonderful message

It is amazing to hear how the Bannerman family lived and what they created on this almost 7-acre island.

Part of the tour also took us on a stroll through the Bannerman Castle garden. The brilliant views of the Hudson River from the gardens takes your breath away.

This particular tour takes you along a rocky path and up to the summit of Pollepel Island. As the sun had started to set, it was the perfect place to take amazing photos of the Hudson River and landscape beyond.

The majority of the visitors took out their cameras and/or phones to take a shot of this beautiful evening.

Sunset View of the Hudson River from the Bannerman Castle Garden
Summit of Pollepel Island - the home of Bannerman Castle. Tours are offered during the warmer months

The History of Pollepel Island

Before Bannerman Castle was built, the island was used during the Revolutionary War to anchor one side of a series of defense logs to the other side of the Hudson River.

These logs were designed in a way that they hoped would prevent the British from heading North. Unfortunately, this tactic did not work, but the island itself played a significant role in the war.

Taking a tour of Bannerman Castle has been the highlight of our Summer so far

Mr. Bannerman bought the island in order to store surplus from his business. Because the supplies were military in nature, the island was a safe refuge to place these items.

The arsenal was built first and later the castle. Mr. Bannerman designed the castle, but because he was not an architect, the walls were not built in 90-degree angles and have led to the reason for several collapses so far.

Beautiful in the Stone is seen throughout the tour of Bannerman Castle

The conclusion of the Bannerman Island Tour

Upon approaching the conclusion of our tour, we realized that it was starting to rain and, boy did it rain…

By the time we took the 20+ minute ride back to the Beacon dock, we were soaked through. This was not a bad thing and it only added to the evening and made this outing even more memorable.

Bannerman Castle is undergoing restoration. Most of the castle is in ruins.

I highly recommend that you make plans to tour Pollepel Island and take a Bannerman Castle tour.

No matter how you get there (ferry, kayak, canoe, or small motorboat), be prepared with enough space on your camera to take many, many photos.

This outing combines the Best of History and Being Outdoors.

Hudson River from the ferry boat tour to Bannerman Island
Docking back to Beacon, NY after the tour of Bannerman Castle

> You don’t have to only take a tour to visit the island. The Bannerman Castle Trust holds many events throughout the season, including, Movie Nights and Theatrical Events

> Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for any weather (as you can see from this post) by having an umbrella or poncho handy.

> Have your camera/phone fully charged and ready for taking lots of photos.

> Wear appropriate attire and have sunblock/bug spray on hand because this is an outdoor tour.

Bannerman Castle Ruins as seen from a Tour of the island. The views are stunning and the history of this island and castle are amazing


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