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I know that you put your family first. I know you’re busy. And I know you want to have more fun. Here at Hudson Valley Exposed, I’m here to help you do it all… and so much more.

After helping hundreds of people like you, I’ve discovered the quickest and easiest way to have more fun in the Hudson Valley while balancing your busy life. You can have a life you love without the stress of trying to research and plan it all. 

Here’s how…

Let’s get real. we all know what doesn’t work…

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The secret to you success

Busy people need a planning system for busy people. That may seem obvious, but sadly 99% of people are still doing it the wrong way.

County websites are not updated often & individual websites are difficult to navigate. When you finally start using the planning program, you will be guaranteed to have more fun with less stress. 

After helping hundreds of real people, here’s what does work.

A Simple, Easy To Manage Planning System

You need a simple plan that will help you see more & do more without driving yourself crazy. No more outdated information. No more complicated websites. No more researching for hours with multiple tabs open on your computer. Your planning needs to be quick, organized and stress-free. 

Quick & Easy Planning

Here’s the secret: you don’t need to spend hours on the computer to plan a perfect outing, weekend getaway or week-long vacation. All you need is a simple, quick planning system that let’s you plan more efficiently with less stress. 

Support from the HVE community

From one busy person to another, I know you’re always busy juggling a million things. When you become a member of my HVE Community, I’ll give you support and ideas so you can continue building the life of your dreams – one Hudson Valley adventure at a time! 

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Autumn at Benmarl Winery. Jumping at Benmarl Winery, Marlboro, NY

Who Am I?

I’m Jacqueline Ramirez, a Hudson Valley resident & iPhone photographer.
I was born and raised in the Bronx and moved to the Hudson Valley for college and instantly fell in love.
I am a wife, mother and business owner who wants to see & do it all in the Hudson Valley.

Where I have been featured:

My photos of the Hudson Valley Farm & Flea were published on Chronogram

An article all about my Hometown is featured on ‘A Book Lover’s Adventures’ 

My photo from Bethel Woods Center of the Arts is featured in an article from Forbes.com

A Quote from my article about Opus 40 is featured on the Opus 40 website: Opus40.org

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