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Here is a woman looking for things to do in the Hudson Valley on the computer and with magazines.
A woman's hands looking for things to do in the Hudson Valley on her computer.

Dear Hudson Valley Explorer,

I did it the conventional way…

I researched by opening up dozens of tabs on the computer and began making lists and using Google Maps simultaneously to plan an outing. 

And that was tiring and frustrating.

I felt scatter-brained, discouraged, unorganized and overwhelmed. And that was before ever leaving the house!

Then I wouldn’t go out again for weeks because I didn’t want to repeat the process again. 

What I found is that with a planning system, I was able to better organize myself. I could quickly locate where I was going and see what was close by. 

Organization = A better day and lasting memories.

You’ve tried to Find Things To Do in the Hudson Valley on your own, But

The information overload is too much.

The problem is that a lot of information is outdated, and sometimes it’s just difficult to find the information you are looking for. 

So, you end up at the same places year after year. You’re getting tired of the same ‘ole stuff year in and out. 

It is not your fault. Why does it seem so hard?

A woman sitting with her laptop while looking for things to do in the Hudson Valley.

Why can’t the information be organized in one location? 

That’s why the best way to find things to do in the Hudson Valley is by having
a system guaranteed to work.

I understand why locations/places have websites. I do.
But they don’t take into consideration the user experience. 

You don’t have to spend hours sifting through website after website
and clicking link after link in an to attempt to find
the cost or days/hours of a location.

Never mind, if they have an events page.
Some websites still have events posted from 2016
and have not updated them. 

I like having everything easily accessible.
By clicking a link you are taken to a working page,
with all the information right in front of you. 

I don’t have the time or energy to try and figure things out.
It’s a great thing that this is not the only way.

A testimonial from a client who purchased the 101+ Things to do in the Hudson Valley toolkit.

Think about this time next year…

when you have memories of all the new places
you visited and all the fun things you did.

Like that time my hubby & I visited a local winery for an outdoor tasting and:
met the owner of the winery,
– ate delicious empanadas,
– made friends with the server,
– took amazing photos of the Hudson Valley views,
– bought wine to give as gifts,
– spend a wonderful afternoon with my husband

You see what I mean??


The Picture Perfect Adventures in
the Hudson Valley Toolkit

A collection of ebooks, checklists & a customized Google Map that will take you
from a dozen or more open tabs, overwhelm & frustration to MORE THAN TWO YEARS WORTH
of Things to do in the Hudson Valley calling your name.

Imagine never running out of things to do in the Hudson Valley!

The complete list of 101+ things to do in the Hudson Valley for $10 or less a person.

PDF ebook

50+ Page PDF Downloadable ebook
– 101+ Things to do in the Hudson Valley for $10 or less
– The information is divided by County & Price Ranges (Free, $1-$10, & $6-$10)
– Descriptions of each location
– Whether the location is Seasonal or Year-round
– Direct links to the organization’s website

The ebook all about tips for finding more things to do in the Hudson Valley


Mini-ebook with Exploring Tips
– Teaches you how BEST to Explore the Hudson Valley
– Shows you the best tips & tricks for exploring like a pro
– Practical tips that can be used on any outing/vacation
– Packing List Included for your convenience

Google Map of Things to do in the Hudson Valley

Google Map Access

Google Map Access to better plan your outings
– Use the exact map I use to plan ALL my things to do in the Hudson Valley
– Every location in the ebook is already pinned for you
– Color-coded, by County, for your convenience

The workbook and checklists will help you better explore the 101+ things to do in the Hudson Valley

Road Trip Checklists

Road Trip Checklists
– Guaranteed to make your next road trip a success
– The exact checklists I use before leaving the house on EVERY SINGLE outing
– Tips for organization & snack ideas


*As a purchaser of my products, you get Lifetime Access to any updates.
I will email you any changes and updates to any and all products you have previously purchased.

How this Toolkit will Help You

>> You’ll discover the beautiful, inexpensive and often overlooked sights in the Hudson Valley

>> You’ll get price ranges in order to better plan your outing.

>> You’ll get practical tips on what to do and, more importantly, not to do during your adventures in the Hudson Valley.

>> You’ll better understand how to visit different regions of the Hudson Valley.

With so many things you need to plan in life, wouldn’t life be easier when you take this off your list? 

  • You can keep doing it the long, drawn out, stressful way.
  • You can keep feeling powerless to create what you want in life.
  • You can keep saying, “There are no things to do in the Hudson Valley”.
  • Or you can fill your time with LESS planning & MORE adventures.

Look back at this year. Would you rather have another year of the same ‘ole thing or a year full of new discoveries?

Find more Things to do in the Hudson Valley and find out more about yourself & your family. 

What Do You Have to Lose????

I am so excited to share The Picture Perfect Adventures in the Hudson Valley Planning Toolkit you. I get giddy just thinking about all the adventures you will have. 

And by now you understand the plus of having a simple yet information-packed planning system and how this will change the way that you look at planning things to do in the Hudson Valley moving forward.

You’ve seen how it’s helped me go from 4-5 outings a year to seeing more than 100 new places since implementing the system. 

This planning system is for you if: 

  • Are tired of having many tabs open on a computer 
  • Finding outdated information on the web
  • Are ready to have simpler way of doing things 
  • Are ready to see and do more! 

It always surprises me that people are okay with doing it the ‘old’ way. 

Are you?

Get Started Today

50+ page PDF ebook with 101+ places listed

Tips for best experiencing the HV
mini-ebook & packing list

Google Map Access

Road Trip Checklists

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The picture Perfect Adventures in the Hudson Valley Toolkit

*As a purchaser of my products, you get Lifetime Access to any updates.
I will email you any changes and updates to any and all products you have previously purchased.

Fairy at the New York Renaissance Festival

Who Am I?

The love I have for the Hudson Valley started at a very young age. As a native New Yorker, my family visited the Hudson Valley often from the city.  

But, without the internet, we often visited the same places year after year. 

After moving up to the Hudson Valley for college and remaining here, I did not have the confidence to explore many areas. I remained in the small 10-mile radius that I was comfortable with and continued visiting the same places year after year. 

This pattern changed when I moved further North into the Mid-Hudson Valley. I knew there was more to the Hudson Valley than the 10-mile radius I was comfortable with. 

So, I began doing research and seeing and doing more. I began writing about my adventures and this inspired me to see even more. 

Being native to the area, I understand the Hudson Valley better than someone just passing through/vacationing here and writing about their experiences. I know the back roads to take, I know what places are worth your time and I know and love this region.

It’s an extension of myself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All opinions expressed in these ebooks and materials are my own. These ebooks are based on my own personal experience and there is no guarantee that you will experience the places/events the same way I did.

COVID-19 Notice: Although some of these locations are open to the public, please follow these guidelines:
Please be safe.
Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and follow all mandates and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control ( and NY State and local Governments.